Republic Day of India 26 January 2022 Celebration

Republic Day of India 2022: The Constituent Assembly of the Government of India drafted a constitution for independent India. The constitution was passed by the Indian Parliament on January 26, 1950.

Every year since that day, we have been celebrating January 26 as Republic Day. That constitution has made India a sovereign democratic nation-state.

In this way, the people of India have been given the power to govern themselves. To mark all of this, the Republic Day is celebrated on January 26. The constitution was written under of Mr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

Of the national days celebrated in our Year of India, Commonwealth Day or Republic Day occupies a special day. On this day we are determined to abide by the principles of our Constitution.

The symbol of the Republic day declared in our constitution is our most beloved national flag, known as the “Triranga” which is a combination of 3 colours. On this day, meetings are held in various cities and villages of India and the national flag is hoisted.

National Anthem in Rabindranath Tagore’s Real Voice

There we sing the national anthem “Janaganamana adhinayaka“, which is our The national anthem of india constitution. At the meeting, leaders, heads of state, and chief executives spoke on the constitution.

In it we learn the Constitution and its benefits. In addition, parades and cultural events are organized in all the headquarters subdivisions. On that day, sweets are distributed.

In the Indian capital, Delhi, all government offices, including the Parliament House and the Presidential Palace, are decorated with colorful lights. From the India Gate (INDIA GATE) in the morning to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, there are parades and various cultural events. There, the President delivers a speech.

a man holding the indian flag

Republic Day 2022 is an important day in our lives and for all indians. We should celebrate that day with great joy. Also watch our web story on India Republic day 2022.

Recently, due to this epidemic, some changes have been made regarding the parade to be held on Republic Day 2022. what is that ? Know full details here.

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