Resident Season 5 Release Date and Trailer

Resident season 5

Fans had to wait a long time for news about the fate of their favorite drama. Only recently there was information about when the premiere of the fifth season of the TV series “Ordinator” will take place. The creators even shared the details of the return – we’ll talk about them further.

But first, let's find out the exact release date for the first episodes of Season 5 of The Ordinator(Resident season 5), which is already scheduled for September 22, 2021 !

Shock for fans

The Ordinator is a drama series presented to the public in 2018. At the center of the action is the brilliant, successful and professional resident Conrad, who helps young physician Devon adjust to the hospital and build his medical career. 

The resident does not try to hide the problems and difficulties of modern medicine from the intern, and even vice versa – he opens his eyes to all the pros and cons of the system.

The ratings of the tape of stars are not enough – a fairly stable score is slightly above average throughout all seasons – the “Ordinator” has them 4. Fans know that the creators have long extended the series “Ordinator” for a 5th season, but only recently announced the release date of new episodes, which scheduled for September 22, 2021. 

What is the reason for such a pause is not clear, but I am glad that in the near future new episodes will return to the screens and we will once again plunge into the adventure of the Resident and his colleagues.

Resident season 5

However, the news of the imminent release date was not the most joyful. The fact is that along with the publication of information about the day of the premiere of “Ordinator“, the creators also announced that the work will continue without one of the key actresses – Emily Vancamp. 

The girl left the show after chapter 4. The creators do not say why Emily left , but many are sure that this is due to the recent birth of a child.

Fans were upset by this fact, as many viewers watched “The Resident” because of Emily, her character and her love line. Now the question is hanging in the air – how the writers will take VanCamp out of the series.More frightening that her character might be “killed” – it happens so often.

Resident season 5

What to expect from chapter 5

In addition to a small promo that the creators recently published on the network and news about the departure of one of the main stars, there is no other information about the Ordinator’s plot yet. Of course, Vancamp’s departure will not affect the rest of the caste. 

After the release date, Matt czuchry, Manish Dayal, Shawnette Rene Wilson and others already beloved performers will return to the roles.

What tests fate has in store for them – we’ll find out after the premiere, because the Ordinator has already announced the release date of season 5. How will the heroes’ life be without Emilyand what decision will be made regarding her character, we’ll see at the end of September .

Resident Season 5 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
5 × 0122 September 2021 the year
5 × 02September 29 , 2021
5 × 03October 6 , 2021
5 × 04October 13 , 2021
5 × 05October 20 , 2021
5 × 06October 27 , 2021
5 × 07November 3 , 2021
5 × 08November 10 , 2021
5 × 09November 17 , 2021
5 × 10November 24 , 2021
5 × 112021
5 × 122021
5 × 132022
5 × 142022
5 × 152022
5 × 162022
5 × 172022
5 × 182022
5 × 192022
5 × 202022

Resident season 5 Trailer

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