Rice Water for Hair & Skin 7 Benefits : How To ?

How to make ?

Take half a bowl of rice .we can take rice of any quality or variety it doesn’t matter.take half a bowl of rice,wash it well 2 or 3 times.now we will soak it in 1 bowl of water over half a bowl of rice.

rice water

Now we will leave it for half an hour after soaking.after half an hour,we will boil 3 to 4 bowls of water in a pan,more the amount of water you had.

When the water starts to heat up a little,then we will add rice to it and in a low flame we will let it cook.when the rice is cooked,the water that was there will start to be of a slightly milky white in a color.when the water is called,then you have to filter the water,separate that water from rice.

Now the water that will come out of it is called rice water.you can filter with the help of a thin cloth.

Benefits of rice water

Rice water contains many nutrients,when we boil rice there is much nutrient of rice as it gets in that water and we get all this nutrient in liquid from.

If we drink rice water 1 time a week,it is very good for our health.our energy level gets boosted by this.

7 Benefits on our health

Improves constipation problems

1.The rice water is very helpful for those who have a problem of constipation.it is very helpful for their health because there is a good amount of fiber in rice water.this fiber increase our metabolism,healthy the digestive system and is also very good for our gut.

2. Good in fiber improves metabolism and digestive system,it release our constipation.

3.People who are tired all the time or whose energy level is very down,if they keep water of rice in their diet then their energy will get a boost.very good energy level will be maintained for doing any work,because the water of the rice is very good in carbohydrate and carbohydrates gives us instant energy to work.

4.To improve the test a little,add a little ghee to it and add a little salt.this will develop a very good flavor.our energy level will be very good and improve.

5.It is very helpful in diarrhea,whether diarrhea is for a small child or adult,if we give them rice water then they will feel good relief from that problem.

6.Whenever someone is having viral infection or viral fever,if they this water in their diet then whoever is feeling weakness,will not feel it.rice water help to recover from viral fever & infection.

Their energy will remain and whatever is the weakness,after this infection it will not be there.

7.Reduce high blood pressure
The people who have high blood pressure,if they add this in their diet then they will get very good relief from high blood pressure because the sodium content in rice is very low.then this water will be helpful for them.

Rice water for skin


Rice water remove dead cells & increase new cells production.when we massage the rice water on our face and then leave it on our face for a short time,then all the dead cells on our skin are removed and it increases the production of new cells.

All the stains that we have on our skin,this rice water works by doing inside 2 to 3 layers of our skin and makes it easier to fade the stain slowly.if you use it regularly,then your skin also starts to glow in a few months.

It also works to remove all the black heads and white heads in our skin and if there is acne scars on the face.it also removes them gradually our skin starts glowing and smooth but we have to use it for a long period.

Rice water  for hair

hair style

If you massage water of rice in your hair before bathing with your finger,it is very helpful.it removes dandruff & thinking problem of your hair ,so after massaging for 5 to 10 minutes.leave it then after 10 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.

Secondly,we can also use it as a conditioner .after shampoo we apply water of rice to the length of our hair and leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it.it helps our hair to grow.due to this,hair also gets a little bouncy.
Rice water contains vitamin B12,which is of great benefits for our skin and hair.

Special Rice water

You can also eat rice water,odisha is a state in india where people like to eat rice water very much.you will get this food in every house because rice water is one of the favorite food of odisha.in the language of odisha,which is “odia” ,rice water is called “pakhala“,some people call “pani bhat“.

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People cook the rice and leave it overnight after pouring water over it and the water gets mixed completely.rice also becomes very smooth.

If there is vegetable,fish,chilli and onion along with rice water then its test side also increase.that is why they like this food all over the odisha and it helps a lot in keeping the body hydrates.

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