Sabikui Bisco (Rust-Eater Bisco) Release Date, Trailer and More

Sabikui bisco anime release date and more you need to know.

Anyone who is bored with animation tapes will be interested in the following information. We found out when the anime “Biscoe Rust Eater” will be released, as well as found out the details of the plot and the names of those involved in the production. If you can’t imagine your life without this genre – welcome!

Let’s start with the release date of the painting “Bisco-Rust-Eater“, which is already scheduled for January 2022 , do not miss it!

New Japanese disaster

The Biscoe Rust Eater is an adaptation of a series of light novels written by Shinji Kobkubo. The work has been published since March 2018, and during this time eight full volumes have been published. 

Information that the movie bosses intend to turn the light novel into a series appeared in March 2021. Then, at the Kadokawa Light Novel Expo 2020 event, the head, screenwriter and character designers were voiced. 

The list included Atskshi Ikaria as director, Sadayuki Murai as scriptwriter, and Ai Asari as character creator. The date of the release of the picture on the screens was also announced there.

I must say that the animated film Bisco the Rust-Eater has a good chance of success – the original won first place in Takarajimashi in 2019. Readers appreciated both the plot and the elaboration of the characters. 

If the bosses manage to correctly transfer this to the screen, we will have a new anime hit . Well, now a few words about what will happen in the animated animated series “Bisco the Rust Eater“, the release date of which is scheduled for January 2022.

Disaster struck in Japan and rust is spreading rapidly. It is believed that mushroom spores are to blame for what happened. The main character – Bisko Akaboshi, who received the nickname Mushroom-Eater, is called a dangerous criminal .

sabikui bisco anime release date

But in reality – Biscoe-rust beetle simply protects the mushrooms in order to fertilize the soil and return the world to its normal appearance. 

He enlists the help of Akutagawa the crab and Dr. Milo Nekoyanagi and embarks on a dangerous journey. His task is to find the legendary mushroom,who plunged Japan into rust.

Public opinion

So the bosses presented a synopsis of the upcoming project “Bisco-Rust-Eater”. The audience hastened to discuss the idea of ​​the future show and noted that in their attempts to invent something “such” the authors seem to have overdone it. 

Viewers do not yet understand why the cause of the disaster was banal rust, which can be removed, probably, in a hundred ways. Reta Sulzuki, Nitsuki Hanae, Reina Kndo, Miyu Tomita, Shiro Saito were involved in dubbing the characters of the future tape. They will give their votes to the heroes.

Despite the bewilderment of the audience, many found the idea amusing, and now not only Bisco-rust-eater is waiting for the release date of new episodes. 

Soon we will get to know the new product better and we will be able to understand how promising it is and whether it was worth the efforts that the movie bosses put in.

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries namePremiere dates
0111 January 2022 the year
02January 18 , 2022
03January 25 , 2022
04February 1 , 2022
058 February 2022
0615 February 2022
07February 22 , 2022
08March 1 , 2022
098 March 2022
10March 15 , 2022
11March 22 , 2022
12March 29 , 2022

Sabikui Bisco Trailer
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