Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Features,Price in Details

Samsung Electronics of South Korea held a new product launch of the smartphone (smartphone) “Galaxy” on the 11th, and released the foldable “Galaxy Z Fold 3“.

This product is the first Samsung Electronics smartphone to use “Under Display Camera (UDC)” technology, which mounts a front camera under the display.

Since you can enjoy the content on the entire screen, you can get a high immersive feeling.The main display and cover display can now display images more smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is now available. It’s cheaper than previous models, but it’s still not an affordable smartphone. The starting price is $ 1,799, which is out of reach for most people. But it’s available at a much lower price than its price of $ 1,799. This is great.

As always, Samsung offers a trade-in for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with far fewer phones. You can also trade in multiple devices. Up to 4 of them. This can really lower the price.

Carriers also offer higher incentives than Samsung offers. So not only can you get Samsung Credit, but you can also get Galaxy Z Fold 3 almost free of charge.

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Best Deal for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a pretty impressive foldable phone. It has a main 7.6-inch display and then a 6.7-inch cover display. Both are currently 120Hz. It features a Snapdragon 888 5G processor, 12 GB of RAM, and 256 GB or 512 GB of onboard storage. It has a battery with a capacity of 4400mAh inside, which is actually smaller than the Fold 2, but it can still be used all day long.

The great thing about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is that it opens the screen of your smartphone and displays a full tablet-sized display. The aspect ratio is almost square, which is not suitable for Android. There are some great possibilities, especially when resuming a trip.

Said, here are the some of the best super deals currently available on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. These are updated quite often. Pre-orders will be accepted until August 26th, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will begin shipping on August 27th.

Design and display

With the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, users will be able to immerse in the movie viewing experience, and seamless Infinity Flex 7,6 inch screen , thanks to the new camera below the display located above the hole pixel camera makes Z Fold3 It can provide an excellent viewing area so that users can better view their favorite applications.

With the new eco-technology 2 , the screen brightness increased by 29%, less power consumption , with the 120Hz refresh rate adaptive ultra-smooth on the main display and an external display, the user will be able to enjoy a more rapid and smooth rolling interaction.

In the history of the Galaxy Z series, Samsung brings the most beloved technology of the Note series to the Z Fold 3: S Pen function for the first time . Users will enjoy the fully optimized function of the S Pen on the foldable screen, which is very suitable for on the go. Multitasking.

On the home screen, taking notes during a video call or viewing to-do items while reading emails is easier than ever, and with the S Pen, you can unleash your creativity and increase work efficiency. Users will be able to choose two versions of S Pen for Z Fold 3: S Pen folding version e S Pen Pro.

Both use specially designed retractable Pro tip and force limiting technology to protect the main display of Z Fold 3 and ensure maximum freedom of use. This is the best S Pen experience to date, with lower latency to ensure highly realistic, smooth and intuitive writing, composition and interaction.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Z Fold 3 adopts a more fashionable, thinner and lighter design, and is more portable than Galaxy Z Fold 2. The device is the first to launch three fashionable colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Green and Phantom Silver. The body has IPX8 type water resistance.

Hardware software

After some speculation, now we finally know all the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Asian brand folding adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, with 12GB RAM and 256/512GB UFS 3.1 storage.

On the other hand, for the battery, the battery module has one pair of space in the main body apparatus, from the time of 4.400 mA fast charging 25W and wireless 10W .

There is also UWB support for ultra-wideband : it is a technology with Bluetooth LE (low power consumption) that can create a tracking network through the response of the same type or brand of terminals (this is the underlying function of smart tags ).

Turning to the software section, it is obviously optimized for the folding shape. Users seeking maximum productivity will definitely like the improved function of the Flex mode. The function of Z Fold 3 allows you to perform multiple tasks at the same time, such as joining a video call at the top of the screen.

View the meeting minutes at the bottom. With multi-active window has been updated in view the calendar at the same time easier to plan your agenda, all of which are on the big-screen smart phone.

In addition, users can now create a shortcut to re-open the application, thanks to improved merger application functionality , but with a new taskbar that you do not need to return to the home screen to quickly switch between applications.


For the first time, Samsung has introduced the much-anticipated camera under the display, which is a 4 MP solution that allows you to have a flawless display (but at the same time it does not rule out the possibility of benefiting from selfies). Go to the external front camera for selfies, it is a module  10 MP .

As for the sensors that make up the main photographic field, we have from  12 MP , especially the principal  Sony IMX555  Dual-PD Wide, telephoto lens  S.LSI 3M5 2x  and an ultra-wide angle  S.LSI 3L6 .

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