Servant Renewed Season 4 at Apple TV+

The dramatic and chilling history of the Turner family continues to take over our screens. The movie bosses started talking about the premiere of the series “Servant season 4” and shared their first plans for the sequel. We are discussing the latest data and we – there, by the way, not only good news is in store.

We would like to tell you the exact release date for season 4 of “Servant“, but even the creators of the series do not know it yet, so we can only assume that the premiere of the new series should be expected in January 2023.

From stability to insanity

A house with a servant is an American story of a couple who until recently lived a decent life. The husband became a sought-after chef and cooked right in his own kitchen, while his wife developed the skills of a journalist and worked on local TV. 

Everything changed when the family was at first delighted with the replenishment, and then faced a terrible tragedy – the death of a three-month-old baby. 

The blow became strong for Dorothy, so instead of a child, she continues to babysit the doll and even hired a servant for her – a nanny. And everyone went crazy – they take care of a toy baby and do not ask unnecessary questions. 

But soon the contrived calmness collapses – the servant notices that strange things begin to happen within the walls of the house.

The first chapter of the story about the servant was released in 2019 and from that moment on, it regularly received renewals even before the release of the already filmed episodes. 

This time, they decided not to deviate from tradition , and again the big bosses from Apple TV +, without waiting for feedback on part 3 of the series, decided to extend “Servant” for season 4, the release date of which will take place in early 2023. 

But there is another side to this good news. Along with the data on the plans for the fourth chapter, the creator of the tape M. Night Shyamalan also said that the story of the terrible servant would end there – part 4 of the story would be the final one.

I must say that reviews, ratings or other factors became the reason for the decision to close the feed. The picture was originally allocated 40 episodes, and the movie bosses are not ready to grind the plot out of their finger. 

For this reason, an early 2023 release date will put an end to the spooky drama. It’s too early to talk about the plot of the final chapter – let’s see how the previous season ends and give the writers time to think.

servant season 4


The role of the servant was taken by British actress Nell Tiger Free – the girl had previously played in the cult “Game of Thrones”, but her work there was small – she embodied Myrcella Baratheon. The serial couple was played by Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose. Rupert Grint, Tony Revlori, Boris McGiver and others also appear on the show.

There is no doubt that they will all return to their roles in the final episodes . We said that we knew and now not only in the house with the servants they know the release date of season 4, but also those who would never want to be within its walls.

Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
4 × 01January 2023 the year
4 × 02january 2023
4 × 03january 2023
4 × 042023
4 × 052023
4 × 062023
4 × 072023
4 × 082023
4 × 092023
4 × 102023


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