Similipal Odisha: 2nd Largest Biosphere Burning

The similipal wildlife / sanctuary has been burning for 16 to 17 days.the fire is spreading around the forest.forest officials have been working day and night to put out the blaze.

Similipal Biosphere Reserve

Similipal is located in the state of odisha,india.this forest is spreading over 2750 square kilometers.the similipal santuary is located in mayurbhanj district of odisha.

Similipal-Odisha :2nd Largest Biosphere Burning

It was introduced in the 1980s.The similipal santuary is the largest ecosystem in the is the second oxygen center in Asia.

How Did The Fire Start ?

The exact cause of the fire is unknown.however,the temperature in the area has been hovering around 40 degrees celcius.wind speed also are contributing to the fire.yet wildlife workers are enduring this extreme temperature and trying their best to contain the fire.

When the forest caught fire,no one looked at it first. “Akshita M. Bhanj deo  ” tweeted it and informed everyone.upon hearing the news,immediate action was taken.


In the wake of Wednesday world wild life day for the protection of forest and wildlife,everyone is worried about the national park in mayurbhanj.more than 1000 wildlife workers have been deployed to reduce the blaze.under the direction of minister for forest and environment,vikram keshari arukh,the chief wildlife conservation officer (PCCF) visited similipal and reviewed the situation.

The blaze which has been raging for 17 days is on the rise.meanwhile,the santuary bhanja basa,balinal,barahakamuda,jenabil in South and in north pithabata of the noana range ,the dukura range forest and the forest product have been burnt to ashes.

Efforts are underway to control the blaze with the help of 250 forest guards,40 vehicles and 240 blower machines with more than 1000 employees at similipal.

What Did The Queen Of Mayurbhanj District Say ?

Mayurbhanj queen Rajyalakshmi Bhanj deo said the central and state government need to protect the forest.the weather will be affected if the environment is destroyed.people also needs to be made aware of this.the fir will affect wildlife and people in around the area.the queen said.

The Reaction Of The Villagers Living in Similipal

Due to such a huge amount of fire in the forest,all the forest departments came into action.also some villagers came forward to extinguish this fire.similipal wildlife

According to the villagers,they were more threatened by the fire in the forest because the animals of the forest could enter their village. this was the fear for villagers.

What Did The Forest Guard Say About This ?

If i were to speak as the president of the mayurbhanj zone. we are working in the Baripada devision to put out the fire.we are working with the forest guards,forester and those who have our protection assistant in this fire.

We immediately proceed according to when our point is coming from the satellites or when the people in the surrounding area are informing us.With the help of mobile app,the number of fire all places is coming from the that point we go and update immediately.


How Much effort has been put into this work ?

It is actually desirable to tell us how much effort we have put into all this work.we go to our first point at 5 am in the morning and we think we will return and take a bath or eat in 12am.but it doesn’t happen.we have to eat food of the day at night.if ever needed we are not able to return even at night.

What message did the forest guard give to the people of the village ?

Forest guard request and urge the villagers to protect the forest from fires.if you see a forest fire,you should report it to the department as soon as possible.employees from the forest department will go and help you.and yesterday,the queen of mayurbhanj district came to create awareness in my area and put out the fire her self and encouraged the simply came to our notice ,we would like to thanks from our department for that.

Recent Updates

The Female wildlife worker was name “Snehalata Dhal“,who danced happily as soon as it rained.its video also viral on social media.

After a long wait,it rained in mayurbhanj district on march 10 and 11. as soon as it rained the wild workers were happy.hopefully,the fire that has been in the forest , in this rain will now be in control.

Similipal-Odisha :2nd Largest Biosphere Burning
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