Skin Care For Men: Best 5 Men Skin Care Products

Many boys don’t have the habit of taking care of them on weekdays.(skin care for men) They always feel that “dressing up” is something that girls only do.

As time goes by, the problems of facial oil, acne marks, enlarged pores, blackheads, and bags under the eyes have become more and more serious. The brides, men need pre-marital first aid!

Men skin care Tips

If boys have proper skin care and maintenance, they can not only maintain a dignified and clean appearance, but also create a better image. 

Faced with so many skin care products, how should boys start? Don’t think that it’s good to borrow girls’ skin care products for a few days.

Girls’ skin care products are really expensive. If men don’t understand the steps and effects, they’ll be divorced at any time before they get married! 

skin care for men

On the other hand, because men’s skin is different from women’s skin, it will secrete more oil due to the influence of male hormones, and the irritation, stress, lack of sun protection and moisturizing care of daily shaving also make the skin surface damage more obvious, so Men’s skin must be treated specially!

Nowadays, when you look at your face regardless of gender, skin care is no longer a patent for women, and men should also pay attention to maintenance when exposed to wind and sun. When you start to take care of skin care, you are not a nymph. A rough face, a shiny face, and rough edges do not mean you are a man. Everyone is qualified for the pursuit of beauty.

Men want to have shiny and firm skin that can instantly increase their favorability? 

Master 4 important summer skin care steps immediately and start with a series of highly effective formula skin care products

If you are a girl who is reading, you might as well forward it to your boyfriend, husband or boyfriend, so that their appearance and affection will be upgraded together!

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Skin care steps: 4 key points to improve your skin quality

Deep cleansing
◆ Anti-acne marks
◆ Lipid balance/Tighten pores
◆ Moisturizing/firming and repair
◆ In the same scene: Enhance the masculine charm

Best Men skin care products for healthier skin

skin care for men


1.Kiehl’s men’s vitality toner 250ml: 230RMB

skin care for men

Caffeine and rhodiola root can wake up the skin after staying up late, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, and inject energy into the skin

Usually like to work overtime and stay up late to play games, the skin is out of balance. With this one, Keyan is a variety of plants in terms of taste.

You can go to the counter to try and smell it to see if it is acceptable. Oh, by the way, this one also has a small amount of alcohol, so don’t make mistakes if you mind.

2.K-II Men’s Fairy Water 230ml: 1540RMB

skin care for men

I gave my girlfriend a lot of bottles of fairy water and also give myself a bottle. There is no doubt that the fairy water that makes women berserk is really effective! 

The ingredients are not much different from the ladies’ version of the fairy water. PITERA has seven magical effects, such as special moisturizing, deep moisturizing, repairing wrinkles, rejuvenating cells, improving skin physiology, promoting blood circulation, inhibiting melanin and so on. 

The female version is known as the mother of oil skin, and the male version achieves the ultimate in oil control. 

After use, the face will feel refreshed, and the effect of hydrating can be seen in time. The packaging has a matte black texture, and it feels cooler on the face. 

Even acne marks can be faded by sticking to it. This is the same as cleansing, except that it is expensive and has no shortcomings!

Eye Cream

Now men use their eyes too much. They look at the computer at work, and at the mobile phone after get off work. If they don’t protect themselves, they will have dark circles under their eyes, and they will also appear unhealthy and unhealthy.

Even more exaggerated. Recently, there is a trend to distinguish whether you are a scumbag from whether you have dark circles under the eyes, so the eye care should also be paid attention to.

1. LOREAL Men’s Sharp Anti-wrinkle Firming Eye Cream: 140RMB

skin care for men

Connotation Bosein, the core ingredient of L’Oreal Group, is 1/3 of Biotherm’s blue diamonds, which can reduce the fine lines around the eyes and tighten the skin around the eyes. 

It is a flat replacement version of Biotherm Blue Diamond Eye Cream. It focuses on eye problems caused by bad daily routines such as drinking, smoking, staying up late and so on .

2. Shiseido Men’s Premium Firming Eye Cream: 328RMB

skin care for men

This eye cream has good performance in anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting, removing dark circles and bags under the eyes. The small one emits a light fragrance and is quickly absorbed after application. It is not heavy. Gently push away. Stick to the eye cream in the morning and evening. Develop good skin care habits.

Facial cleanser

1.Biotherm Water Power Cleanser: 240RMB

biotherm 1

Choose this one for dry skin, sensitive skin. From the name to the effect, you can see that this moisturizing effect is excellent, allowing you to be a boy who does not lack water. It claims to be long-lasting moisturizer for 12 hours, and it will not be tight after washing your face. Tightening, many products will peel off dry skin after use.

This is no need to worry about this phenomenon. Even in the heating room in winter, you don’t have to worry about tightness after waking up and cleansing. The dry skin will not be peeled off after use.

2.SK-II Men’s Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cleanser: 440RMB


Choose this to feel the feeling of washing your face with “fairy water“. The main amino acid ingredient, the famous PITERA ingredient can improve the oil balance of the skin without tightening after washing.

The fragrance is not smelly like water, and I like the packaging very much. It is dark brown, high-end, and stable. The facial cleanser can be foamed with a small amount, the foam is fine, and the cleaning power is moderate. This style has no disadvantages except that it is expensive.


1.Kiehl’s Men’s Firming Essence 75ml: 398RMB


Yes, it is the essence of firming. Although men are slower than women, don’t be over-confident and don’t think firming has nothing to do with yourself. 

When you realize that you need anti-aging, it may be too late, so the firming essence should be used earlier. When you are young, the skin is full of collagen and you can’t see it.

Whether you stick to maintenance after getting old can still be distinguished by the naked eye. , This kind of fragrant flavor, the packaging is nothing special, the upper face is absorbed very quickly, it is not greasy, and can quickly solve the problems of water shortage, texture, and slack.

The bottle is press-type, which is very convenient to use, and the texture will be somewhat thick. . 

Pay attention to the technique when using it. Gradually lift the chin from the chin to the end of the eye in a circular manner. After persistent use, there will be a clear, smooth and firm feeling.


1.Ahc Men Lotion


The performance is good at a price of more than one hundred. The lotion is cool and soothing, and contains lavender flower extract to effectively regulate oil secretion to control oil and moisturize.

2.Kiehl’s moisturizing lotion for men: 265RMB


The moisturizing effect is excellent, sensitive skin will have a slight tingling, caffeine extract + peppermint factor can fight fatigue. 

The caffeine ingredient is for people who lack sleep, dull skin and reduce edema, it is necessary to stay up late. There is also an effect that can resist some of the effects of daily sun and environmental pollution.

Skin care is not only the pursuit of exquisiteness, but also the pursuit of quality of life. Therefore, we must do a good job in skin care to avoid becoming a greasy man, and we must fight . However, skin care does not mean that you use facial cleanser to wash your face, and that you use water lotion is skin care. There are many types of skin care. Today, I will mainly take a female perspective to show you how men should take care of skin care and what skin care products should they choose.

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