Skin Care routine for Glowing and Healthy Skin

Skin care routine

Drink plenty of water if your skin is happy in the winter. As a result, the skin becomes hydrated and the roughness is eliminated.Maintain a balanced diet.  Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to reduce dryness.  Eat more wheat-based fruits and vegetables, should have to maintain your skin care routine in daily basis.


In addition, muesli, salads, Juices and Milk are included in your diet.  Do Now Whether to drink in the winter or not. Yes It is okay to take a bath.oky Use water but. Be careful to not use too much hot water.


  • Because Using too much hot water for granules or drink it can ruin the oily part of the skin.
  • Be sure to apply moisturizer after bathing> Massage any kind of skin during winter bathing, remove skin dryness.


skin care routine


  • Also do regular facials at regular intervals. As a result, the skin becomes soft and soft when the dead skin comes out of the skin.


  • Sometimes you want to take a long bath in hot water in the winter. But bathing too long can reduce the oil content of the skin. So place in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes.(Skin care routine )


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Skin care routine

winter skin care products


Most people make mistakes accidentally.  Because they don’t know what is necessary for their skin.  And they bring all the things from the market.  Which later spoil their skin.  


I hope after these tips, you will have a little knowledge; about what is important for your skin.


I have seen many people facing this problem.

I myself have faced this problem. 

I had no idea what to do. 


But slowly I started doing all this.  And I started seeing results within a few days.  And I shared this thing with other people.  Now the skin is starting to glow more than before.


I hope you have got the idea right now. I will keep bringing this interesting thing. See you next.


Spotless Skin Home Remedies

No matter how beautiful the face is, if there is a stain on it, the attractions decreases.


However, sometimes the problem escalates rather than decreases due to various side effects. So some wanted to get Spotless skin Be aware that home remedies can be beneficial for you in that regard …



  • The most important part of a healthy skin is a balanced diet.  This is because of the fact that no matter what you put on your face, whether it’s a spicy food or eating fast food, junk food, etc.,



There is a risk of problems like acne scars.  So instead of all these foods, eat fresh vegetables, fruits, protein-rich foods and drink enough water.


Many people think that washing their face often with facial expressions can remove blemishes.  However, doing so can cause the skin to dry out, especially those with Dry skin.  For such skin, adding a teaspoon of milk to honey will be beneficial.


Similarly make almonds with almond powder and honey.  Apply it on the face and leave it for 5-6 minutes and then rinse it off with water.  After a few days you will know the difference.


skin care routine



  • Take 2 tablespoons of oats and grind it.  Add a little milk to it, make a pack and apply it on the face.  After 10 minutes, rinse gently with cold water.  Remember not to rub your face at all or it will dry out.  Using this pack for a few days will gradually remove the stains.


Make a pack by adding a teaspoon of dried lemon leaves, two teaspoons of yaa flour, gram flour and multani clay, half a teaspoon of honey, a little lemon juice and apply on the face two to three times a week.  The stain problem is eliminated.

If you want to take good care of your skin, you must develop good habits. No matter what type of skin you have, the following skin care routine 10 tips 2 steps can help you!

Step 1: Contesto

According to different skin types for related care
To successfully care for your skin, you must first choose products designed for your skin type; dry skin and oily skin have very different needs.

Tips 2

Pay special attention to vulnerable parts
The skin on certain parts of the face (eye contours, lips, etc.) is particularly delicate and fragile. They require special care, especially the contours and lips. These areas are more sensitive and require special care.

Tips 3

For gentle cleaning
Taking care of sensitive skin starts with removing makeup. In order to prevent the skin from being stressed and maintain its natural balance, it is necessary to use a neutral pH, specially formulated makeup remover to gently cleanse the epidermis.

Tips 4

Eyes: risk areas
The skin around the eye contour is ten times thinner than the other skin on the face. A specific procedure is required to remove makeup on this area.

Tips 5

Necessary for cleansing procedures
The scrub procedure is performed once or twice a week. It must be effective, gentle and sensitive to the skin condition at the same time. Please choose a scrub with a neutral pH to effectively purify the skin while taking into account its natural balance.

Tips 6

Moisturizing is essential
70% of the water in the skin is stored in the dermis, and the other 15% is stored in the epidermis. To get the skin well and adequately moisturized, it is necessary to choose daily moisturizing skin care products that can balance the skin’s moisture level. You can also use a moisturizing mask regularly and choose hot spring water sprays.

Contesto 7

Choose low-sensitivity cosmetics
In order to avoid allergic reactions that may not be suitable for your skin, please choose low-sensitivity cosmetics whose formula is suitable for different types of skin (including sensitive skin) and eyes.

Tips 8

Sufficient sun protection
Regardless of the season, please choose skin care products with sunscreen ingredients. They can reduce the negative effects of sunlight and prevent accelerated skin aging.

Tips 9

Handle external pressure carefully
Factors such as pollution, cigarette smoke, stress, etc. are all detrimental to the skin. Please try skin care products to protect your skin before you leave the house, and clean your skin thoroughly at night at home.

Tips 10

Don’t ignore the lips
If you feel the need, you can use a rejuvenating lipstick, and remember to reapply in the fragile areas.

Step 2: conditioning skin texture

1) Why do you need to regularly remove the accumulated dead skin on the surface of the skin ? If the
stratum corneum is too thick , the skin loses its permeability , becomes rough and dull , and it also blocks the absorption of skin care products . After theage of 25 , due to the metabolism of the skin, it will recover increasingly slow , cuticle accumulation will gradually thicken , this is the need to develop a regular basis to remove the accumulation of dead skin skin care habits , and make the skin soft and transparent .

2) the role of the mask : one week 2 — 3 times a deposition mask , can help strip surface is dry cells , make the skin smooth texture , rendering looks fresh and radiant .

3) Apply the mask – please wash the mask :
* Apply the mask flat on the clean facewith upward and outward gestures , avoiding the eye circles and lips .
* Stayfor 10 minutes , do not talk , do not squeeze the skin .

x 10 minutes , first mask moistened with water , gently massage , can further remove dead skin buildup . then with water, green , with a paper towel moistened cosmetic wipe clean the mask .

* sensitive skin ,, mask deposited . 8 minutes , Do not massage when cleaning, and wipe the mask clean with a moist beauty paper towel .

Step 3: Toning

1) The role of toner : moisturizing and moisturizing , at the same time , it can soften the cutin , clean the skin again , and promote the absorption of subsequent moisturizing nutrients . Balance the pH value , increase skin softness and moisture . Some can also help shrink pores .

2) The usage of toner : fully moisten the cotton pad , and gently wipe the face and neck according to our face washing technique . It can be wiped repeatedly , and the T area can be wiped more .

3) the benefits of wiping with a cotton pad Toner :
cotton wiping sheet , not only can enhance the cleaning effect of the secondary , more effectively promote the subsequent absorption of nutrients . Also . Cotton wiping sheet , spread evenly , the amount of saving and good control .

Step 4: balanced nourishment

1) equalizing effect of moisture : Equilibrium moisturizing lotion or cream is the use of maintenance steps , to give the skin with the necessary moisture and nutrients . Fully moisten the skin , retaining the skin soft and smooth .

2) select the appropriate emulsion cream :
* Select lotion or cream must first make sure that it can achieve the desired effect moisturizing , anti-wrinkle and whitening maintenance can play a role on this basis .

* Ideal moisturizing effect , should be back in time with a finger touch , you can feel your skin is always moist .

3) Usage of balanced moisturizing : For the best results , when using skin care products, be sure to use the middle finger and ring finger to gently apply upward and outward .

4) Usually eye cream should be used in the step before face cream.


Step 5: protection

1) the protective effect : the use of foundation , can cover the pores , before the four-step lock moisture and nutrient supplement . Avoid dust contamination and direct contact with the skin , protect the skin , and give the skin a smooth , uniform luster . This step the important , accounting for five steps in 50% proportion .

2) The choice of foundation should also be selected according to skin type , in combination with skin tone needs and special needs .

Spend 5 minutes every morning and evening to take care of our skin correctly . Persevere, beauty and happiness will always be with us!

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