Star Trek Prodigy (Season 2) Release Date, Trailer and More

Good news for those who have already appreciated the new project within the popular universe. If you also want to know when season 2 of the film about the Wunderkinds from the Star Trek universe will be released, it’s time to join the discussion, because we have the latest information directly from the movie bosses.

And although the exact release date for season 2 of “Star Trek about Wunderkinds” is not given to us, we are sure that the premiere should be expected in the fall of 2022 !

New galaxy exploration

But, by tradition, let’s start with a short dive into the plot. Geeks is an animated series about the events unfolding in the year 2383. It’s been five years since Voyager returned to Earth. 

In the center of events – several young aliens who accidentally find an abandoned spaceship in the “Delta” quadrant, belonging to the Starfleet “Protostar”. They take control of the ship and head towards the Alpha Quadrant. 

The guys will have to work together, learn to listen to each other, and close their eyes to minor troubles – this is the only way the geeks have a chance to achieve all their goals.

The premiere of the first season took place in October 2021 and two weeks after the start, the bosses extended the animated series “Star Trek: Geeks” for season 2, the release date of which will take place next fall. 

The decision did not come as a surprise – it is obvious that they clearly planned the series for more than one chapter. As for the ratings – there is not much data yet, but it is already clear that the show lacks stars from the sky – those indicators that can already be analyzed indicate indicators that are slightly above average. 

Nevertheless, critics and fans of the Star Trek universe were satisfied with the “Wunderkinds” and this is the main thing – it was on them that the bosses were betting.

About production

Alex Kurtzman announced that the picture was planned for production back in 2019 and asked fans to be patient – the animation he had conceived took time to be implemented. 

The man said that he wants to get away from the usual style and make the tape look like a cinematic format. Geeks were the first project in the franchise where there are no people among the main characters.

Brett Gray, Ella Purnell, Jason Mantsukas, Angus Imri, Jimmy Simpson and John Noble were invited as performers in “Prodigies“. The script was written by Dan and Kevin Heigman and directed by Ben Haibon, Steve Ahn, Sang Shin and others.

We had no doubts that the Star Trek Prodigies would receive a release date for Season 2, and we’re glad it was confirmed. Now it remains to wait for the continuation and hope that it will be just as exciting for true fans of the universe.

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
2 × 01Autumn 2022 the year
2 × 02autumn 2022
2 × 03autumn 2022
2 × 042022
2 × 052022
2 × 062022
2 × 072022
2 × 082022
2 × 092022
2 × 102022


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