Stars in Africa: Release date of the show on TNT

Would you like to test the strength of some Russian celebrities? The bosses decided to satisfy the public’s desire and announced when the premiere of the new reality show “Stars in Africa” ​​on TNT channel about the adventures of the participants and overcoming themselves will take place.

And if you want to know what our stars will do in Africa, then wait for the release date of new issues with us, because the premiere of the TV show is already scheduled for September 19, 2021.

No, not the last hero

The creators said that they invited 15 stars of sports, cinema, Internet and music to participate. They have to spend a month in South Africa, as well as undergo a series of tests – difficult and dangerous. 

The main prize will be 5 million rubles. But since all the participants already have a good financial reserve, they promised to donate the winnings to charity.

It is known that after the release date, the heroes will have to fight even for food. But the organizers are not animals – anyone who cannot pass the test can always give up. 

There was also information about the preparation of the show – the camp is located in the Limpopo region. The heroes were allowed to take a minimum of things and even their clothes were taken away.

Yes, the idea is not new, but the creators promise not just reality – but a mixture of comedy, adventure and tough tests. The audience reacted skeptically – forums and social networks were filled with many negative opinions even before the premiere.

stars in africa

One of the reasons why there was so much hate on the show “Stars in Africa“, the release date of which will soon take place on TNT, is the inability of the channel’s producers to come up with something new. 

Recently, they announced a supposedly new show about dancing, and now they are frankly repeating “The Last Hero”.

But let’s be fair – we live in a world where, it seems, everything has already been invented – we have to repeat, alter and interpret in different ways what was invented earlier. This is a sin not only on TNT, but also on some other channels.

Regardless of how many more negative opinions there will be, this fall our stars will be in Africa, but only after the release date of new editions of the reality show on TNT.

stars in africa


The hosts of the show are another reason for the negativity that has hit. This post was shared by two – Olga Buzova and Mikhail Galustyan. And if the second viewers accept relatively calm, then with Olya the situation is much more aggravated. 

According to the viewers, a calm, experienced, wise person should take the place of the presenter, because sometimes the participants need psychological help, sympathy.

However, they put an end to Buzovaya early – the organizers reported that during the filming, the participants repeatedly turned to the presenters, including Olya, for support. And she did a great job with it. 

Why they invited the singer and TV presenter is understandable – despite the hate, she has a huge army of fans, and these are additional ratings for the new project.

How successful the presenters will be and what the stars will do in Africa, we will find out after the release date. Spoiler:some heroes will open up to the public from an unexpected side and show all the strength of the spirit

New Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
0124 September 2021 the year
02September 26, 2021
03October 3, 2021
04October 10, 2021
05 October 17, 2021
06October 24, 2021
07October 31, 2021
08November 7, 2021
09November 14, 2021
tenNovember 21, 2021
elevenNovember 28, 2021
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