Podcast 2023 – How to Start a Podcast in 2023?

Podcasts are like YouTube, audio only. Regular programs, serials or blogs that can be downloaded or listened to online. The term “podcasting” was coined only in 2004, crossing the terms iPod and broadcasting – “broadcasting”.

What is Podcast?

To start a podcast, you need to know Podcasting and what is podcast? Podcasts are conversational programs that you can listen to at any time. Podcasts are somewhat similar to television and radio programs, they also have a story, useful and entertaining information, podcasts can be listened to or watched.

The main difference between podcasts is that you can listen to them at any time, since they are posted on an online service, for example, on soundcloud.

How to Start a Podcast in 2023?

Podcasts are written in different ways and in different qualities. In fact, everything depends as always on money.

How much are you willing to spend on podcast equipments? 30, 20, 10, 5 thousand dollars or your budget cannot exceed a couple of hundred to start a podcast?

Podcast Microphone
Podcast Microphone

In any case, there are always ways and the lack of funds should not be a hindrance for you on your way to podcasting! Of course, the ideal set of equipment exists, even several variants of it.

The ideal set of equipment exists, even several variants of it.


  1. A small room covered with acoustic foam
  2. Condenser microphone
  3. Pop filter
  4. Pantograph stand (which looks like a crane)
  5. External sound interface (commonly a sound card)
  6. Computer with software for recording, processing and editing sound

This is, so to speak, the beginning of the path to the top in the world of recording. A list that is simply unattainable for many of us yet, so let’s pay attention to more budgetary ways to record your voice.

You don’t have to worry about recording quality in the studio – it has the necessary equipment and the conditions for sound absorption are met.

A professional sound engineer will fix everything and give you a ready-made recording. The only downside is that you have to pay for rent For the most part, for a learner, it is an unbearable expense, so you have to look for other options.

How to make your own podcast?

Podcasts are very democratic media All you need is a phone to start your recording For example, there is a program and anchor platform at that time, in which you can edit the word immediately after recording and send it to all platforms for podcasting.

make your own podcast
Make your own podcast

The main thing is that you have something to say. Each podcast is a small media, an independent brand. Podcasts bring people together, give them a sense of belonging to a community.

The relationship between podcast hosts and audiences is very personal. Listeners often have the feeling that they have imaginary close friends who make them better and who are interesting to eavesdrop on!

Podcasts are a young and rapidly growing market. There are more and more professional studios that you can rent to record podcasts. They have everything you need for recording:

  • microphones
  • mixer
  • soundproofing
  • video camera
  • computer
  • software for recording and processing audio

In studios, you can not only record programs, but also use the services of audio editing, creating a cover design for a program, and selecting music. They will help you launch a turnkey podcast.

Where to record a podcast?

You need to know how to make high-quality podcasts at home. The main task is to minimize voice reflection from surfaces. It is desirable that heavy curtains be lowered on the windows, and a carpet is present on the floor.

If the room is too noisy, you can try to cover yourself with a blanket or use a special sound-absorbing curtain. Otherwise, the listener will have the impression that the announcer is speaking from a pipe.

During operation, you need to use headphones to evaluate the sound quality as you record.

How to make money on podcasts?

There are many ways to earn money on podcasts: These are podcast ads that have already brought their audience together, podcasts made in brand and crowd funding (when the audience loves you so much that they are ready to help you with money).

Of course, there are also paid services that distribute podcasts for money


Finally, I would like to point out that the main thing in the podcast is the content. Podcasts are a good way to establish informal communication with the audience and show your expertise. If people like to listen to you, they will do so, regardless of the quality of the recording.

However, if the sound is good, it is easy to increase your audience significantly

What is a podcast trailer?

A trailer for an audio clip is needed to introduce the audience to the podcast content. It should be small, bright with a cut of the most interesting moments from sound design and recording.

In this case, it will interest the people and allow them to listen to your show to the end.

What are the elements of an editorial podcast concept?

1. Mission
2. Subject
3. Purpose
4. Target audience
5. Tasks
6. Genre
7. Principles of choosing a hero
8. Format
9. Visual and audio design
10. Plot
11. Expressive means
12. Scenario (structure) of releases
13. Promotion program
14. Studying competitors
15. Estimate

What are concept elements for a personal podcast?

1. Subject
2. Purpose
3. Target audience
4. Genre
5. Format
6. Visual and audio design
7. Plot
8. Structure of releases

Is Podcast and a Radio same?

The main difference between a podcast and a radio is the ability to choose a style and subject and listen to it at any convenient time.

This is similar to watching TV on a grid already created by the channel, and then YouTube and Netflix.

Now the same thing is happening with the radio. The audience chooses what and when to include.

How to listen Podcats?

If you have an iPhone, it has regular podcast applications. If you have Android, then you probably have a Google Podcast But there are still many programs and applications.

For example: overcast, cast box, spotlight, pocket cast and yandex music.

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