Star Wars (2022): Andor Release Date and Trailer

If you’ve ever thought that the main space franchise will ever end up expanding, drop it. We’ll better discuss when the new TV series from the Star Wars universe called “Andor” comes out – we already have the first details of the novelty.

But the release date for the new series about Cassian Andor, we have not yet been named, but we assume that the premiere of season 1 should not be expected until spring 2022 !

New background

Andor is a prequel to Rogue One. The key hero of the story will be Cassian. According to the official statement, the events in the tape will develop 5 years before the events of the film. 

Rumor has it that some of the scenes will take place on the planet Coruscant. I must say that the creators do not particularly disclose information about the plot , although they are happy to share production details.

So, it became known that the droid K-2SO will not appear in the Andor feed. Recall that he previously served the empire, but was reprogrammed by Andor and is now on the side of the rebels. 

He fits perfectly into the Imperial forces, and therefore is an almost undetectable double agent. Fans were sure that they would see him on the screens, but Alan Tudik in his interview said that the creators seem to have decided to keep the character until better times. 

But it was announced that 200 actors are taking part in the show – a shortage of heroes is definitely not expected.

star wars andor

Well, which of the familiar characters we will see in the new adventure, see the TV series Andor, the release date of which has been postponed to 2022. It was originally planned to release the show earlier, but due to the shifted filming schedule, this was not possible. 

Filming began in November 2020, although it was originally planned to start production in 2019 . Work had just begun and a pandemic intervened, and the process was frozen.

But there will be a premiere and this cannot but rejoice, but while we are waiting for the release date of the Andor multi-part prequel to the Rogue One movie, let’s say a few words about the participants in the process.


Diego Luna will play a key role in Andora. The choice of this performer did not come as a surprise – he had already embodied him in the film. Also in the list of titular actors there was a place for Adria Arjon, Stellan Skarsgard, Denise Gough, Kayla Soller and others.

Interestingly, Alan Tudik with his droid is also on the list of performers, but he will definitely not appear in the first part. Rumor has it that if Andor goes to the public ,character will be included in subsequent chapters, because initially his participation was planned.

On this, the news temporarily ended, and what else will they tell us about Cassian Andor, we will find out after the release date of the new series. 

But already now the public is grieving about the loss of the robot-double agent and does not believe that the launch will be bright without it. We will test all theories already in 2022 .

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
01Spring 2022 the year
02spring 2022
03spring 2022
04spring 2022


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