Station Eleven (11) TV Show on HBO Max, Release Date

For a long time there were no post-apocalyptic shows, but in the current situation they are simply necessary – you have to gain experience somewhere and learn from the heroes’ mistakes. 

Station 11 tv show release date

The upcoming premiere of the mini-series “Station eleven / 11” on HBO Max will help with this. And here the current problems and what the picture will tell about – read on.

And now, let’s find out the exact day when the release date of the series “Station 11” will take place, namely December 16, 2021 .

After the pandemic

Station Eleven is an adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel’s novel of the same name, released in 2014. In the book, events touch the near future, where humanity is raking the consequences of an epidemic. 

The work was highly appreciated in the literary world – the book received several prestigious awards and now it has been noted by the movie bosses.

Station 11 is a fantastic story about what can happen in a world that has been hit by a terrible flu virus… Not everyone managed to survive after the illness, but those who survived are forced to adapt to new conditions. 

The main character is Kirsten. The girl travels with her theatrical team, giving performances in different cities. One day they come to a town where a prophet rules everything , who has proclaimed himself the master of this area. 

Will the characters of “Station Eleven” restore civilization to the world or the devastation will force them to self-govern – the upcoming premiere will show.

It is known that the order for the creation of the Station 11 tape was received in June 2019 – then the streaming service announced its desire to see the film adaptation on its platform. 

At the same time, the show was announced for the audience, but at first there was practically no information, and the audience was content with the descriptions of the original. 

Fortunately, now we already know how the events will turn out in the film “Station Eleven” , the release date of which is already scheduled for December 16, 2021. 

Those who have read the book will see that the synopsis is not too different from the book version. But this does not mean that the creators decided to completely follow the original – maybe we will have other plot twists, who knows.

station 11 tv show release date

Actors and creators

Key players in the Station 11 project include Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel, Nabhan Rizwan, David Wilmot and others. Directed by Hiro Murai, he directed the American TV series Atlanta, and also participated in the Legion and Barry projects. 

The script was written by Patrick Somerville. Executive Producers – Scott Delman, Dylan Russell, Jessica Rhoads, Jeremy Podeswa and others.

Whether such a future awaits us as in the TV series “Station 11” we will find out after the release date of the new series, although we certainly don’t want to believe in such an absolutely unattractive future.

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
0116 December 2021 the year
02December 23 , 2021
03December 30 , 2021
04January 6 , 2022
05January 13 , 2022
06January 20 , 2022
07January 27 , 2022

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