Super secret door in minecraft | How to make a secret door in minecraft ?

This time about how to make a secret base in Minecraft .how to make a secret door in minecraft ?

The secret base here is a hidden room that your friends who play multiplayer with will not find out.

Steal your eyes and make the inside steadily, and when the time comes, you will be surprised to reveal everything … Isn’t it wonderful?

So, here’s a recommended way to make a secret base!

Minecraft secret door

How to make the secret door of my world ?(minecraft hidden door) What is the production method of the secret door of my world? The secret door is an indispensable trick for the production of various decryption maps.

Let me give you a tutorial on the production method below.

In Minecraft, in addition to being able to live your own life in survival mode and creative mode, you can also play some small games on the server .

There are many types of Minecraft mini games, and decryption games are also very popular.

The production of all kinds of decrypted maps requires an indispensable trick-secrets, then in Minecraft, how do you change the secret door?

how to make a secret door in minecraft

First find a wall that is big enough (the picture on the left is very big), and make two holes (you can get in)

how to make a secret door in minecraft

Install a wooden door (must be)

Open it, put a picture on it, and then you go in and try…Ha, it’s penetrated!

It’s that simple.

how to make a secret door in minecraft
how to make a secret door in minecraft
how to make a secret door in minecraft

Although the method of making this secret door is simple, it has good results. Those who want to make a decrypted map may wish to try it.

Hidden door method in minecraft

First of all , an automatic door that opens with the [Minecraft] switch? Hidden door? Let’s make a method using the hidden door.

buu 1

There is an unnatural dent from this look .

how to make a secret door in minecraft

It opens with a lever.

This time the main is not this method, but I will briefly introduce how to make it.

how to make a secret door in minecraft

Front view.

View from the side.

It’s a simple version, so you can make it super crisp.

Since it is not designed to close from the inside, it would be preferable to have a switch that automatically turns off the output rather than a lever.

However, this method has the weakness that it is difficult to hide its levers and buttons.

On the day your friend finds the button

“What’s this? Click”


“He! I made a room like this silently! Fill it with lava !”

No wonder it becomes.

To avoid such a situation, create a secret base that is hard to find without changing the landscape as much as possible.

Waterway loophole method in minecraft

Such a secret base is this.

how to make a secret door in minecraft

A hole is dug in the waterway that exists at the base, and the underground is used as a secret base.

* There is no problem as long as there is water, even if it is not a waterway.

minecraft easy secret door 2

It is installed so that water does not flow in, using the signboard’s “People can pass but water is dammed up” characteristic.

minecraft easy secret door 3

You can expand the basement like this.

minecraft easy secret door 4

the outside looks like this.

Those who are trying to harvest sugar cane will not notice the stone.

If you can see the signboard, I’m curious! In that case

minecraft easy secret door 5

You can respond by lowering the position of the signboard one step and surrounding it with a block to prevent water from spilling.

how to make a secret door in minecraft

If this is the case, you can’t even see the signboard.

minecraft easy secret door 7

This street even when approaching.

minecraft easy secret door 8

If you look into it, you can see it, but it’s hard for people who don’t know that there is a secret base there.

minecraft easy secret door 9

If there is such a wheat field, it is also possible to dig under the water and set up a signboard to make it a secret base.

However, this method has a risk that a person who has fallen into the water can inadvertently invade the secret base .

Especially in wheat fields, there are cases where they fall when planting seeds, so it is best to make them in a waterway or a waterside like a fishing pond if possible.

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