Sword Art Online Movie: Progressive – Aria on a Starless Night Release Date & Trailer

We have good news for all fans of the animated series. The creators have scheduled the premiere of a feature-length film from the series “Sword Art Online” entitled “Aria in a starless night” and we are ready to share the details and tell you when the new product will be released.

In fact, the wait is not long, because the release date of the anime “Sword Art Online: Progressive – Aria on a Starless Night” will take place – October 30, 2021!

Sword Art Online – Pass or Die

The main character, Asuna Yuki, was preparing to enter high school and generally lived a rather ordinary teenage life. Everything changed when she took a virtual reality system from her brother and fell into a game trap. 

Now she and 10 thousand other participants are trying to get out of the virtual world in a real panic.

Time passes, and Aria is still a hostage of the game. She worries that during her absence in the real world, her already not very happy life may completely change beyond recognition. The girl is worried about the opinion of her parents and classmates, who will now definitely consider her a failure . 

To quickly return to reality, the girl begins to study the technique of the game and soon receives an invitation from the professional player Kirita. Now she has a chance to be in the thick of the game, but will she accept this offer? 

You will find out the answer in the anime “Sword Art Online: Progressive – Aria on a Starless Night”, the release date of which is already scheduled for October 30, 2021.

Sword Art Online Movie: Progressive - Aria on a Starless Night

As before, the story will be based on the novel series by the author of River Kawahara. The creators announced that the release date of the full-length version of the tape is planned in September 2020, after the finale of the third season of the multi-part animated picture. 

In addition, almost immediately they published the first teaser , which indicates that preparations were already underway at that time. After the announcement of the novelty, the organizers released another full-fledged trailer in 2020 and another shortly before the premiere – in October 2021.

Participants in the process

Now you know the release date of the anime film “Progressive – Aria on a Starless Night”, but you still do not know who was involved in the creation of the picture. Ayako Kono was chosen as the director. 

There are at least a dozen successful projects in his filmography, so the chances of a quality story are quite high.Together with him, Yasuki Kai is engaged in the production.

Kento Toya was the character designer, but some fans of the franchise criticized this choice. Viewers believe that the characters drawn for the multi-part version, which were created by Shingo Adachi, Suzuki Go, Ono Manabu and others, would have looked better. 

Of course, this opinion is not unanimous – someone still appreciated the work of the artist.

And regardless of who drew the characters, fans of the anime “Sword Art Online” are eagerly awaiting the release date of the full-length movie “Aria in a Starless Night”, because the main thing is not the appearance, but a fascinating story that has sunk into the heart of the audience.


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