Tales Of the Walking Dead Upcoming Spin Off Series Details

The Walking Dead spin off

The Post Apocalypse Project celebrated its anniversary, and the creators do not intend to stop and announce the release of the next chapter every year. And now, we must have seen the release of the series “The Walking Dead Season 11“.

Eventually, the creators of the series promised fans that they would develop the story while the ratings would continue to please the big bosses, and then announced the release date of The Walking Dead 11th season on August 22, 2021.Which has only been 2 months past.

Tv universe

We are used to the term “universe” being applied to a greater extent to comics and their adaptations, but here such a peculiar project announces the expansion of its “galaxy“. Even before the appearance of information about the sequel, the creators delighted the fans with good news.

It turned out that the plans of the organizers of the rating project are limitless, and they are not going to stop. The film crew will obviously have more work to do, but fans are only glad that their favorite drama will stay on the screens, albeit in other formats and manifestations.

But let’s not dive into the upcoming spin-offs and get back to the most important information. The Walking Dead season 11 episode release date has yet to be announced, but there is every reason to believe it will premiere in the coming year.

Tales Of the Walking Dead Upcoming Spin off Series Details

Like the previous chapters, season 11 will see numerous changes, including in the cast. Curiously, each of the characters is revealed in the series for a long time, so its subsequent loss is not easy for the fans. 

Although it’s high time to get used to the fact that in the zombie world, death is almost an ordinary event.

The fans had just survived the expulsion of Karl, then tried to come to terms with Rick’s departure , followed by The Walking Dead leaving Michonne. Who else will the writers remove from the screens? It’s scary to even imagine.

By the way, here it is impossible not to return to the upcoming spin-offs, because Lincoln, although he refused the main role of Rick in the film, gladly agreed to play in branch projects.

Tales Of the Walking Dead Upcoming Spin off Series Details

It is very strange that Andrew made such a decision, because the popularity of the project is off the charts, which means that the series “The Walking Dead” received season 11 , and the release date of new episodes had to be set for the fall of 2021, not earlier. But the success of New Stories of the Universe is still fictional.

Important news from the site

Today we know that the creators have plunged headlong into the analysis of the success of the current seasons, so they simply cannot start preparing. 

Something tells us that the writers have work not only for season 11, because after the end of the broadcast of the footage, they will plunge headlong into work and will soon officially announce the sequel.

Tales Of the Walking Dead Upcoming Spin off Series Details

Naturally, the exact day of the premiere of the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” and its episodes you will find only here, and it will be possible to do this in the near future. And today only one thing is clear – castling awaits the favorite heroes , minor characters may well become key, and the most beloved persons risk even “perishing”, stopping the struggle for their place in the zombie world. 

But this is not important. Significantly, The Walking Dead is looking forward to the release date for Season 11, just like the millions of fans around the world.

Release schedule for all episodes

SeriesNamerelease date
11 × 01 Acheron: Part 122 August 15, 2021
11 × 02 Acheron: Part 229 August 22, 2021
11 × 03 HuntedAugust 29, 2021
11 × 04 RenditionSeptember 5, 2021
11 × 05 Out of the AshesSeptember 12, 2021
11 × 06 On the InsideSeptember 19, 2021
11 × 07 Promises BrokenSeptember 26, 2021
11 × 08 For BloodOctober 3, 2021
11 × 09 –13 February 2022 the year
11 × 10 –20 February 2022
11 × 11 –February 27 , 2022
11 × 12 –March 6 , 2022
11 × 13 –13 March 2022
11 × 14 –20 March 2022
11 × 15 –March 27 , 2022
11 × 16 –April 3 , 2022
11 × 17 –2022
11 × 18 –2022
11 × 19 –2022
11 × 20 –2022
11 × 21 –2022
11 × 22 –2022
11 × 23 –2022
11 × 24 –2022


New faces to appear in the Walking Dead spin-off

Last year, the creators of The Walking Dead announced that although the main project is nearing completion, fans will have something to see. 

Then they announced two spin-offs – one will touch the story of Carol and Daryl, and the second will be an anthology consisting of unrelated episodes. And now, a year later, new information appeared.

It turned out that the network has not forgotten about the promises made to present something new and is already making plans for production and release. So, it was announced that work on the show will begin in early 2022 , and in the summer the audience will be able to appreciate the new product. 

It is also known that there will be familiar characters and completely new faces in the tape – there are no names or details yet, but it is possible that we will find out about this together with the start of the filming process.

Spin-off details

The tape was named “Tales of the Walking Dead“. The first season will include 6 episodes. So far, there are few details, but the promising statements of the participants in the process give hope . So, for example, we are promised unlike stories previously told. 

The curator of the universe, Scott M. Gimple, was involved in the creation of the novelty, so you should not chew on the atmosphere and similarity to the original. Channing Powell was also invited to create the picture – she will become a showrunner.

Recall that in September 2020, the organizers announced that the 11th season will be the last for the main story-line of the “Walkers” universe . 

It was decided to split the showing of the final chapter into 3 parts – one has already been shown, the premiere of the second is scheduled for February, and when the final block of episodes starts, it is not yet known.

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