Teeth whitening at Home & 5 Hazards you Must know

It is the yearning of many people to have bright white teeth and laugh at any time. Now, whether it is a dentist’s office, a product in a shop, or an online remedy, there are hundreds of methods for teeth whitening.

How to choose? What is the difference? Also, is everyone suitable for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening

The outermost layer of the tooth is enamel, and the color of the tooth mainly depends on factors such as the degree of enamel calcification and diet. The reasons why teeth turn yellow can be divided into two types: exogenous and endogenous.

In terms of external factors, it is mainly related to diet or lifestyle habits, such as: smoking, drinking strong tea, drinking coffee, drinking red wine, eating betel nuts, etc.

These behaviors are likely to cause teeth to become discolored; while endogenous factors are usually excessive Using fluoride-containing products, it may also be pregnant women or children under the age of two, taking antibiotics containing tetracycline, the tooth color will be contaminated.(teeth whitening procedure).

According to experts, in fact, teeth whitening uses oxidants, but the ways of accelerating and producing effects are different; and everyone’s teeth are also different, and must be assessed by a dentist to ensure that they will not spend money on whitening teeth for the sake of beauty.

But it hurts the structure of the teeth, in exchange for a bite of rotten teeth!

This article mainly introduces the “cold light whitening” method recommended by artists recently .

In addition to describing the treatment method, it will also explain the possible side effects and harm caused by this whitening method , so as not to be attracted by celebrity endorsements. Ignore the risks that may occur.

What is the principle of cold light whitening ?

Cold light whitening is a special method for cosmetic whitening of teeth. The principle is to penetrate the medicine into the tooth tissue through cold light, so as to achieve the whitening effect.

The technology used is to apply whitening agents on the surface of the teeth and irradiate them with low-temperature blue light for about 30 minutes to restore the whiteness of the teeth.

Although the cold light whitening method is generally considered to be fast, safe, long lasting, and effective, the main component of the whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide.

This type of treatment is a kind of chemical bleaching, which is extremely harmful to tooth enamel.

It is easy to cause the dentin to lose the necessary protection and suffer from hot and cold allergies; it will also cause a certain degree of damage to some teeth, especially the more sensitive teeth may appear cracks, if the calcification is severe, the teeth will fall out, so apply Be careful before considering.

The process of cold light whitening

How to perform “cold light whitening”?

First, the dentist will check the patient’s oral health to confirm that the teeth do not have symptoms such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, etc., and also make sure that the patient is not pregnant at the moment. If the above conditions are not suitable for “cold light whitening” ;

Then, the doctor will put the mouth watch into the patient’s mouth, and use polishing sand for simple treatment on the surface of the teeth;

Next, apply the light-curing resin to the gums and cover 0.5mm below the gums, and irradiate them with a light-curing lamp for about 3 seconds;

Finally, apply the whitening agent on the surface of the teeth with a thickness of about 2~3mm.

Next, start the lighting program, the lamp holder should be 90 degrees perpendicular to the tooth surface, and the closer to the opening, the better. The first stage of treatment is about 8 minutes.

After the completion of the treatment, the doctor will use a strong straw to absorb the whitening agent on the surface of the teeth, and wipe the residual whitening agent between the teeth with a cotton ball or paper towel, and then repeat the second time, up to 3 times. Course of treatment.

5 points you must know before cold light whitening may be harmful

The principle of cold light whitening is mainly to use the free radicals released by hydrogen peroxide to decompose the colored substances that have been deposited on the teeth for a long time.

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly known as bleach; and as long as the teeth are deliberately whitened, it will be more or less effective Abrasion of existing tooth tissue may cause tooth oxidation and enamel tissue damage, showing the phenomenon of tooth softening and depression, which makes you easy to feel uncomfortable eating ice and hot.

Cold light whitening uses cold light to penetrate the medicine into the tooth tissue to achieve the whitening effect.

A certain degree of damage will be caused during the process. The following will list the possible side effects or injuries of cold light whitening , so that you can think carefully before the actual implementation.

1. Tooth hypersensitivity

Some patients may feel uncomfortable after applying “cold light whitening” or during the process. Because the teeth are stimulated by whitening chemicals and cold light, the dentin loses its protection and becomes sensitive to heat or cold.

It is the case of tooth soreness. Generally speaking, this is a normal phenomenon. Most patients will experience relief or disappearance within 24 hours after the course of treatment.

If you are really uncomfortable, you can also ask a doctor to prescribe painkillers, but you should not take it lightly if you encounter this condition. The allergies are too serious and still need treatment to recover.

2. All kinds of injuries and diseases

The cold light whitening process will cause a certain degree of damage, such as temporary decalcification just after the application. In principle, it is not permanent.

However, if the application is too frequent or the long-term dependence continues, the more sensitive teeth will be affected. If cracks appear, it is also possible that the teeth will fall out due to too serious tooth calcification in the later stage.

If the tooth itself has other conditions, it is more likely to cause other problems, such as dysplasia of enamel, which can cause cracks in the teeth or wear out the teeth.

At this time, if you do other treatments such as porcelain teeth, it may be possible. Causes porcelain collapse, discoloration of restorations and other conditions. Cold light whitening also has a certain effect on gum health, and some people will suffer from gingivitis and other diseases.

3. Fluorescence reaction

After cold light whitening of the teeth, when entering a dark environment, such as KTV, movie theaters, etc., the teeth will have a fluorescent effect similar to what we wear in clothes containing fluorescent agents, emitting weird and unnatural fluorescence.

4. Chronic poisoning. A little bit of chemical substance each time may not be considered as harmful to the body, but the more frequently, it will gradually accumulate in the body and increase the harmful substances, which is equivalent to chronic poisoning of the body.

In short, cold light whitening agent is a kind of chemical, if it is applied frequently, it can cause oral cancer in the worst case.

5. Unable to maintain, and easy to produce dependence. Cold light whitening does not have a permanent effect. It will vary according to how carefully each person takes care of the teeth after whitening.

However, no matter how careful you care, the whitening effect usually only lasts for about 1 year.

In addition, cold light whitening can also damage the surface of the teeth, not only causing scratches on the surface of the teeth, but also making the teeth lose their original smoothness, and even after the whitening effect fails.

The teeth will be more ugly than before. And if it is dependent and continues to use it uninterruptedly, there is a chance that the various side effects and illnesses mentioned above will occur, which will cause greater harm.

How to whiten teeth safely and effectively?

In fact, it is not difficult to have a mouthful of white teeth. You can choose home teeth whitening methods that are simple to operate and less harmful, and coupled with the correct concept of teeth cleaning, you can keep your teeth white without taking unnecessary risks. .

First of all, you can consult a professional dentist, go to the clinic to make an exclusive customized dental tray, put the whitening agent in the dental tray at home every day, wear it for 6 to 8 hours, so that the effect can be slowly radiated through a long time.

It is quite different from the fast and high concentration cold light whitening. The advantage of a customized dental tray is that it is completely close to your tooth shape.

so that the whitening agent can be evenly applied to the surface of the tooth, and there is no need to worry about swallowing it or diluting the agent due to saliva, which reduces the effect ; And its effect is relatively mild, easy to maintain for a long time, and the probability of harm is much lower.

In addition, you should go to the dentist’s office to wash your teeth regularly, and brush and floss your teeth correctly every day, so that you can keep your teeth clean and naturally look whiter; it can also effectively remove plaque and prevent gum inflammation, receding gums, and periodontal. Sickness etc.

Finally, it is also important to match the correct diet and lifestyle habits. In addition to avoiding foods that can easily stain teeth such as strong tea and soy sauce, we can also choose specific foods to keep teeth white and whitening effects. Longer and safer.

Teeth whitening at home

Smile is the easiest and most effective way for people to communicate. According to a survey in the United States, people with perfect smiles are more successful and wealthy. A charming smile starts with beautiful teeth. 

If the teeth are uneven and dull, a mouth will show up. Seriously affect personal image and social interaction. And having a neat, white teeth will make you show more confidence in social and daily life.

There are many ways to whiten teeth , so I won’t go into details here. If you find that your teeth are dark and yellow before going out, is there any way to quickly whiten your teeth? Yes, it only takes 2 minutes. Rclbeauty101 introduced this method of whitening teeth immediately on YouTube.

Need to prepare: eating baking soda , a fresh lemon , cotton pad.

The first edible baking soda is poured into a container of fresh lemon juice squeezed on the baking soda, and stir. Apply the viscous liquid on the teeth with a cotton pad, leave it for 2 minutes, and then rinse with water.

It is best not to brush your teeth within half an hour using this method. Please also note that because lemons are acidic, don’t let lemon juice stay on your teeth for more than 2 minutes, and don’t use it frequently.

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