Tentacle Locker [APK] Download for Android and PC

DeveloperHotpink, Annue
Android version4.1+
Size29.1 MB
Current version1.1.13

Tentacle Locker: A game in which you interact with girls in short skirts. Shuffle around the building and wait for the girl to come to the locker, press the button and the girl will fall into the tentacles. And then they enter into a relationship, you can see the continuation in the game. 

About Tentacle Locker

tentacle locker
Tentacle Locker

Tentacle Locker School Game is a fun arcade game with anime-style graphics that will take place within the walls of a school. The player will have to watch the students moving along the school corridors and from time to time using their lockers.

The main goal here is to capture the moment and capture the girl with the help of the tentacles that live in these closets, after which a video of spicy content will be shown to the gamer.

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The tentacles are controlled with only two buttons, which will be convenient and have a positive effect on the dynamics of the process.

Tentacle Locker Game

Tentacle Locker is a game in which forcing school students wearing a plain skirt in a high school locker, at a high school against their will by using a tentacle.

We can get a well-deserved title while exploring the awkward world of adult games, some showing suspicious taste but others are harmless, some want you to call the police, and then there are others like Tentacle Locker, where you I just don’t know what to make of it.

After Kidnap schoolgirls, lock them in your locker

So, from the beginning we were aware that the game was meant to be a joke … or at least that’s what we wanted to think. It is set in the corridor of a girls’ school (horn alert) and we are going to control the set of an extra locker.

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We have to open the locker when the students pass to launch our tentacles and force them against their will.

Once in a locker, a Lovercraft creature uses its tentacle (hence the name) to force them to engage in sexual relations. The fact is, if you like movies like Peter Jackson’s Branded or John Carpenter’s Thing, listen for sound effects.

It’s a small game to kill for a while and see if you can hit the space bar at the right time, which may be okay for a chimpanzee but there’s nothing else. If you are looking for a specific game and have landed here, you will want to ask your mother to take you to see a shrink as soon as possible.

Tentacle Locker Game Play

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