The Bad Guys (DreamWorks) Release Date and Trailer

The Kung Fu Panda animator decided to try himself in a new role. It is he who is involved in the creation of a new project and is responsible for ensuring that the premiere of a new cartoon entitled “The Bad Guys” takes place in the near future. What is the novelty about, who is participating and when to expect it – read on.

The wait is relatively short, because the release date of “The Bad Guys” will take place – may be in March 24, 2022 in all cinemas of the country, do not miss it!

Villain transformation

Pierre Perifel has a lot of experience working with animation. At one time, he took part in the creation of heroes from the popular Kung Fu Panda, was the main animator of “Rise of the Guardians” and even received an “Annie” award for the characters he created for short films. 

And now he decided to try himself as a full-length director.

The novelty will be based on the works of the author Aaron Bleyby. In the Bad Guys episode, he talked about the adventures of a gang of animals that are trying to whitewash their name and get even with a bad reputation .

You will learn all the details of the novelty in the cartoon “Bad Guys“, the release date of which is scheduled for March 24, 2022, but we have prepared a short announcement for you right now. 

At the center of the story are convicted villains who have recently greatly improved and no longer want to do evil. 

The team includes four Mr. – Wolf, Piranha, Snake and Shark, as well as “sweet” Miss Tarantula. Once the Wolf helps an elderly woman – and he does it in a modern way by chance, and realizes that he wants to be good. 

He tries to convince his “colleagues” to change sides and do good as well. A new stage begins in the world where people and anthropomorphic animals live.

the bad guys

The main characters will be voiced by Mark Maron, Craig Robinson, Anthony Ramos, Sam Rockwell and others. The tape was filmed in the genre of comedy, so the release date will not only teach you how to do good deeds, but also cheer you up. 

Recently, the creators published the first trailer on the network –be sure to watch the video to appreciate the atmosphere of the future premiere and become infected with the desire to wait for its release.

Manufacturing process

Long before we began to discuss the release date of the cartoon about the bad guys , several studios at once expressed their intention to adapt the story – this was back in 2017. In 2018, the person in charge was determined – it was DreamWorks Animation.

Almost immediately, the team started production and, even during the pandemic, continued to develop, but this time in a remote format. 

It was originally planned that the novelty will be released in September 2021, but the deadline was soon postponed, citing Covid and the consequences that followed.

Now, everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of the novelty and only the bad guys are not waiting for the release date of the new cartoon from DreamWorks. Well, can the main characters turn from villains to good people, tell us as soon as you watch Pierre Perifel’s debut project.


The bad guys trailer
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