The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Release Date and Much More

Noah the Archivist lives in the 19th century. He became aware of a legend according to which the vampire Vanitas lived on these lands many years ago. Unlike his own kind, he was not born under a scarlet moon, like everyone else, but under a blue one. 

Due to his peculiarity, almost all relatives hated the bloodsucker. Alone, he wrote a book designed to take revenge on the vampire-looking creatures.

We will find out how this fascinating story will continue after the release date of “Memoir of Vanitas season 2“, which is already scheduled for January 2022 . But all episodes will not be released on the same day.

A few words about the plot

The main character throws all his energies in search of memoirs and already in the process meets a certain doctor, who turns out to be an expert on bloodsucking. 

But it is curious that the doctor inherited the name from the notorious vampire and gained some kind of power that he uses for good. But there is something sinister behind virtue.

Noah intends to reveal the secrets of the doctor, but during the first season he did not have time to carry out his plans. Now he has a new chance to understand the most frightening legend, but whether he can do it is still a big mystery.

The first chapter of the animated film was released in the summer of 2021. Almost immediately, it took a leading position among similar projects. 

The release date of season 2, we were told before the denouement of part 1 – the high ratings literally did not give the bosses time to think. The show is based on manga by Jun Mochizuki, whose series is still in production.

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
2 × 0114 January 2022 the year
2 × 02January 21 , 2022
2 × 03January 28 , 2022
2 × 04February 4 , 2022
2 × 0511 February 2022
2 × 0618 February 2022
2 × 07February 25 , 2022
2 × 08March 4 , 2022
2 × 0911 March 2022
2 × 1018 March 2022
2 × 11March 25 , 2022
2 × 12April 1 , 2022


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