The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Movie (2022)

After numerous promises, the bosses finally kept their word. It became known when the premiere of the cartoon “Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck wild” is scheduled, which the creators have been promising for the past few years.

But now the wait is coming to an end, as the release date for Buck’s adventures has already been set for January 28, 2022 on Disney+ digital release.

Old Guard Assembled

For those who for some reason do not know what we are talking about, we tell you: Ice Age is a series of full-length cartoons. The first part was released in 2002, and the last in 2016.

The events are centered on animals of different species that are trying to escape from weather disasters and climate change.

Buck’s Adventures is a new installment in the franchise that follows the adventures of Buckminster, a weasel who is tirelessly trying to survive in the world of dinosaurs. He is used to living alone, avoiding his relatives and making no friends . 

Detachment from the rest of the animal world made him strange – he can talk smartly on a stone, like on a telephone, or talk with his wife – a pineapple. But for all his eccentricity, he remains a predator and in the past parts of the picture he saved the main characters from monsters. 

But the upcoming part of the tape is not about that – in the new part of the Ice Age, we will watch the adventures of Buck, which will begin after the release date of the cartoon on Disney+. Unlike past releases, Buck will finally get the titular role –he used to be a minor character.

However, you should not worry – the audience’s favorites Mani, Sid, Ellie and Diego will also return to the screens. It will not do without Eddie and Crash – two funny possums who constantly attract adventure and ridiculous situations. 

The official synopsis states that the events of the novelty will develop in the Lost World of Dinosaurs .

The fact that the movie bosses planned The Adventures of Buck started talking back in 2016 – after the release of the last chapter of the franchise. The director of the fifth film said that he had several ideas on how to continue the story. 

In the end, we stopped at a solo album for petting. But the audience did not rejoice for long –immediately after confirmation, the bosses disappeared from the radar and there was no news until 2019

That year it was confirmed – the show is still in development. The silence was broken only recently – the release date of the cartoon “Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck wild” was published and the first trailer was released.

the ice age adventures of buck wild (2022)

Curious facts

The release date has been announced, the trailer has been shown, and the synopsis has been announced. It remains only to get acquainted with a couple of fascinating facts about the upcoming tape.

  • The previous films in the series were owned by Blue Sky, but since Chapter 6, ownership has changed to Disney+;
  • The Bosses originally planned to create an animated series about Buck, but ended up settling for a full-length feature;
  • The director of the picture will be John S. Donkin – he directed parts 1, 3 and 4 of the film.

We are looking forward to the start of the show. Do you want to see Buck’s Adventures? Then wait for the release date of the 6th part of the Ice Age and be among the first to find out which story the one-eyed weasel will fall into .


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