The Amazing Mrs. Maisel Season 4 (Amazon Prime) Release Date

While fans are storming search engines looking for information, we got hold of the latest news for the upcoming premiere. And most importantly, we found out when season 4 of the series “The Amazing Mrs. Maisel” will be released and what events await us in the tape this time. Do you want to be in the know too? Then join us!

Moreover, the exact release date of the series “The Amazing Mrs. Maisel” season 4, which will take place – February 18, 2022, is already known !

The unexpected journey of a housewife

The Incredible Mrs. Maisel is an American comedy drama with a touch of historical events, which has been released since 2017. The events unfold around the fate of Miriam, the housewife, from whom her husband leaves in 1958. 

Devastated by the betrayal of her spouse, the woman goes to her parents to get support, but even there everyone is opposed – it was necessary to choose a companion more competently. 

As a result, the heroine goes to the club and performs with her impromptu stand-up. So Miriam’s life changes abruptly and now it will not be the same .

The third chapter was released at the end of 2019, and the bosses have long prolonged the television series The Amazing Mrs. Maisel for season 4, but its release date was announced just the other day. 

Initially, it was planned to start the filming process in the spring of 2020, and to appoint the premiere at the end of the same year, but they could not finish the work on the appointed dates. 

The bosses did not explain what the delay was due to, but apparently they were prevented by a pandemic that just began in early 2020.

Recall that in the final of part 3, Midge was in for a serious setback – Baldwin abruptly stopped her opening act. How this will turn out for the career and life of the main character, we will see after the premiere of the series. 

Well, if you have completely forgotten about the events in the tape in 2 years, you still have time to revise the episodes before the incredible Mrs. Maisel will be back soon – The release date for season 4 has already been set for February 18, 2022.

According to the official synopsis, events in the upcoming episodes will take place in 1960. The main character, in an attempt to hone her skills, finds a new job. 

Completely immersed in creativity, a woman is estranged from family and friends who do not share her obsession with the craft.

mrs maisel season 4 release date

Curious facts

  • The series became the most successful Amazon Studios project ever;
  • Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino admits she doesn’t know when the painting will end. While viewers wait for new episodes to be released, Midge’s adventures will continue;
  • During the existence of the tape, its participants have received many prestigious awards – eight Emmy statuettes, three Golden Globes, as well as Actors and Writers Guild awards, five Critics’ Choice Awards and two Peabody Award wins;
  • The performer of the key role, Rachel Brosnahan, regularly encounters patriarchal comments from viewers who accuse her heroine of bankruptcy as a woman and a housewife.

We told all the details and now not only the amazing Mrs. Maisel is waiting for the release date of the fourth season, but also all her fans. Well, we will find out after the premiere how much the new chapter will be exciting and whether it will support the set bar .

Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
4 × 0118 February 2022 the year
4 × 0218 February 2022
4 × 03February 25 , 2022
4 × 04February 25 , 2022
4 × 05March 4 , 2022
4 × 06March 4 , 2022
4 × 0711 March 2022
4 × 0811 March 2022


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