The Penthouse Season 4 Confirmed Release Date and More

When released:13 February 2022
Original name:The penthouse
Country:South Korea
Number of episodes:fourteen
Producer:Chu Dong-min
Actors:Eugene, Kim So-yeon, Lee Ji-a, Om Gi-joon
Duration:80 minutes
Ratings:kinopoisk 7.9 imdb 7.3

Finally the release date of “The Penthouse Season 4” is expected in the winter year of 2022 According to rumors, the writers in the new series will focus on the children of the main characters.

The Korean drama series Penthouse continues its steady evaluation performance, which allows viewers to wait for the story to continue. The project was released in 2020 and was identified by 21 episodes According to the results of the year, the show was included in the top 50 Korean dramas, which allowed writers to announce a sequel to two asons for you.

It was later revealed that the second episode had 13 episodes and the third one was 12. They were released on February 19 and June 4, 2021. The show was not rated against the background of the Olympic Games, which allowed writers. The third season is set to complete two more episodes.

Success of the show Amid, the Penthouse season 4 is expected in in the month of February 2022, coming later this year,i guess in 2022 with official information.

Penthouse story is a detective drama set in an elite building in downtown Seoul. Representatives of the elite live in the house, & the very fact of living here already shows the high status of a person.

It seems that people who have settled in an elite building have nothing to share, but even having a high level of income, respect & envy from less successful people, They try to keep themselves at the expense of their neighbors.

In the first season of the series, viewers can see that a tragic incident took place during a party at Penthouse – a young woman fell out of the window. Residents of the building and party guests do not want to advertise what happened and try to hide the body in the palace grounds, but they understand that it is not an accident and that there is a killer among them. The sequel to Detective Drama is likely to release on February 2022.

As the show progresses, viewers will be able to see two women at the center of the story – Shim Soo Ryong & Oh Yoon Hai. The first is the wife of a businessman who is an informal leader at the PethHouse The woman comes from a wealthy family and she is luxuriously accustomed The heroine dreams of raising her status by arranging training for children in an elite academy, where they need to be the best.

The protagonist’s neighbor and Oh Yoon Hee never got rich. He miraculously managed to stay at the Penthouse and he tried to find a place here He has children who act as kind of anti-Shim Su Ren children, as they also study at the academy.

They have reached the age when they also have ambitious ideas Adolescents start thinking about revenge from their parents, sacrificing the interests of those who tried to get respect.

penthouse season 4

Penthouse Season 4 episodes schedule

Number:Release date:
Penthouse Season 4 Episode 113 February 2022
4 × 22022
4 × 32022
4 × 42022
4 × 52022
4 × 62022
4 × 72022
4 × 82022
4 × 92022
4 × 102022
4 × 112022
4 × 122022
4 × 132022
4 × 142022
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