The Release Date of “Tokyo Avengers” Season 2

Fans of animation projects like no one else to rush forward. At the moment, the first part is coming to an end, and fans want to know when season 2 of Tokyo Avengers will be released. Let’s try to figure out what the chances of a continuation are.

In fact, the predictions are good, and while official sources are silent, we assume that the release date of season 2 of “Tokyo Avengers” will still take place, and the premiere of the new series should be expected no earlier than October 8, 2022 .

Second chance

Tokyo Revengers is an adaptation of the manga released by Ken Wakui in 2017. The anime was released in April 2021, and a couple of months later the full-length adaptation was released. In the center of the plot is a 26-year-old young man who, in principle, cannot boast of being lucky. 

The situation is aggravated when his girlfriend is killed during a showdown by a local gang. Frustrated by what happened, the main character gets hit by a train and travels in time . Now he is 14 again and there is a chance to change the course of history, to save his beloved and comrades.

The creators announced that they want to adapt the story in anime format in the summer of 2020. Almost immediately they started production and less than a year later the release date of the first season took place. 

The development of the film started a little earlier, but its fate turned out differently – the work was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic , which ultimately influenced the day of the premiere – instead of the originally scheduled screening in October 2020, the project was shown only in the summer of 2021.

But let’s not get distracted, because the main thing now is when the multi-part tape will be extended. Although the creators are in no hurry to announce 2 seasons of the anime “Tokyo Avengers”, the release date of the new series will not take long, because the project has found its audience, which requires continuation. 

In addition, the creators still have a lot of blanks in the form of manga, which means the likelihood of an earlyAnnouncement of information about a new chapter is a matter of time

Audience reaction

And while there is a possibility – a few words about what fans of the genre are saying about the tape. First of all, we can safely say that the novelty is popular. The audience noted that with each new episode, the tension grows and it becomes more interesting to watch the adventures of the protagonist .

Tokyo Avengers

In this regard, it is clear that the release date is likely to take place – the ratings are above average and the generally positive attitude of the viewers makes another outcome unlikely. 

It is too early to talk about what events will form the basis and what awaits the characters in the story. The organizers will shed some light on the adventure, but not before announcing the day of the premiere.

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Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namePremiere dates
2 × 018 October 2022 the year
2 × 02October 15 , 2022
2 × 03October 22 , 2022
2 × 04October 29 , 2022
2 × 05November 5 , 2022
2 × 0612 November 2022
2 × 07November 19 , 2022
2 × 08November 26 , 2022
2 × 09December 3 , 2022
2 × 10December 10 , 2022
2 × 11December 17 , 2022
2 × 122022
2 × 132022
2 × 142023
2 × 152023
2 × 162023
2 × 172023
2 × 182023
2 × 192023
2 × 202023
2 × 212023
2 × 222023
2 × 232023
2 × 242023

Trailer and what they say about season 2

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