The Witcher: Blood Origin Release Date and Trailer

The Witcher: Blood Origin

While the audience is languishing in anticipation of a new part of their favorite fantasy project, the creators delight them with news of their plans. 

After the last announcement, there was speculation about when the prequel to The Witcher, titled The Witcher Origins or Bloody Origins, would be released. We tell you about the details of the show and predict the day of the premiere.

In the meantime, the Witcher is gaining popularity, showrunners are preparing a new prequel called “The Witcher: Blood Origin“, the release date of which should be expected not earlier – in the fall of 2022!

From now on the world is one

The Witcher Origins is a prequel to the original show. According to a small announcement, which has already been provided by the organizers, events will develop 1200 years before the era touched upon in The Witcher. This will be the era of Conjugation of the spheres.

Almost nothing was said about the plot – there are names of the participants in the process, but we will discuss them further. 

As for the events, we will be able to see them only in the television series “The Witcher: Origins”, the release date of which should be expected no earlier than autumn 2022! 

And this will be the most positive outcome, because the current situation in the world may well confuse the plans of the movie bosses and postpone the premiere, as was the case with the second season of The Witcher. 

But, let’s keep our fists and believe that even a pandemic will not be able to stop the merger of mystical creatures in one world and show the public how the era in which we are used to seeing Geralt originated.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

Declan de Barra was named the showrunner for Blood Origins. The script for the show is being written by Kristen van Horn, Alex Minichan, Tanya Lotia, Tasha Ho and others. 

It is also known that Andrzej Sapkowski himself and the showrunner of the original series are also involved in the production, which gives hope for preserving the unique atmosphere and adhering to the basic canons of the narrative.

But let’s not rush – the pandemic is making its own adjustments to the shooting of the television series “The Witcher: Bloody Origins” and we, in turn, continue to press the release date of new episodes from the Witcher universe. 

It remains only to believe that the insidious coronavirus will not ruin the life of the movie bosses again. and fans, already suffering in anticipation.

Curious facts

  • The Witcher prequel was announced in the summer of 2020 . In September, the creators got down to hard work;
  • Actress Jodie Turner-Smith was supposed to play Eile, but due to constant changes in the schedule, she was forced to withdraw from the participation;
  • Initially, there were rumors that one of the characters could be played by Jason Momoa – the same one from “Game of Thrones”, but at the moment the information has not been confirmed and other performers appear on the list of actors;
  • The key caste consists of Lenny Henry, Nathaniel Curtis, Dylan Moran, Jacob Collins-Levy, Zach Wyatt, Francesca Mills and others. What characters they will embody is not reported.

This is all the details for now – we hope that in 2022 the pandemic will not prevent us from getting acquainted with the bloody origins of the Witcher universe and wait for the release date of the prequel entitled “The Witcher: Blood Origin”. 

Well, how successful the show will be andwhether it can earn the same high marks, the premiere will show.

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
01Autumn 2022 the year

Trailer about the origins of the Witchers

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