The Witcher Season 2 has Announced a Release Date

The Witcher season 2

The game “The Witcher” from Polish developers first appeared on PC in 2007. The primary source for the creation of the project was a series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski and cool comics of the same name. 

The series “The Witcher” season 2, which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2021, is considered one of the most anticipated releases, and with the speed of a burning meteorite gathers an interested audience around it. 

The film crew believes that the viewer does not need to immerse himself in Sapkowski’s novels or video games in order to fully enjoy the atmosphere of an exciting mystical thriller.

Recently, there was a leak on Netflix, thanks to which we learned about the release date of season 2 of The Witcher, and according to the data, the premiere of all episodes will take place on December 17, 2021 .

Let blood be shed …

The famous “The Witcher” was already released on screens back in 2001. The Polish TV series, with one season of a dozen episodes, received a solid negative from critics and was negatively received by the author of the book himself. 

For the second time, the TV channel “Netflix” took up the responsible project, but now Sapkovsky personally takes part in the large-scale filming of the film. There are a lot of rumors about the release date of the second season episodes. 

Fans suspect that the plot will be based on the main events of the game “The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.”

The main character of the saga is Geralt of Rivia, brought up in special conditions for the sake of a future vocation. In infancy, he was an ordinary foundling, but grew up a good warrior and a merciless hunter of dangerous monsters . 

In addition to constant training, the guy had to experience the effect of a special mutation that instilled in him incredible abilities. The Witcher is adept at using sword, hand-to-hand combat and magic, and with his loyal team he travels the world to kill filthy evil spirits for money.

the witcher season 2 1

In the second part of the game The Witcher, the protagonist is looking for the murderer of King Foltest. The monarch died at night in front of his children, and the crime was hung on the innocent Geralt. 

According to eyewitnesses, the stranger had the eyes of a witcher, which aroused justifiable suspicion. To restore his honest name, the hunter goes in search of the real criminal together with the sorceress Triss Merigold and the bard Buttercup. How their adventure will end and who the unknown villain will turn out to be , one can only guess …

Love and hate in one bottle

What difficulties the Witcher Geralt will face in season 2, we will find out only after the release date of the new episodes on Netflix. The plot is based on the published novels by Sapkowski and will be familiar to all lovers of this incredible saga. 

The first episodes of season 2 will appear in the spring of 2021, but the exact date is still unknown. According to official figures, the high-profile premiere of the Witcher will take place on December 20, 2019.

Release schedule for all episodes

SeriesNamerelease date
2 × 01A grain of truth17 December 2021 the year
2 × 02Kaer MorhenDecember 17 , 2021
2 × 03What’s lostDecember 17 , 2021
2 × 04Redanian intelligenceDecember 17 , 2021
2 × 05Turn your backDecember 17 , 2021
2 × 06Dear friendDecember 17 , 2021
2 × 07Volet MeirDecember 17 , 2021
2 × 08December 17 , 2021


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