Titans Season 4 Confirmed Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

Great news was not long in coming. First of all, they will concern those who are looking for when the 4th season of the television series “Titans” will be released. 

The public began to be interested in this information even before the final of the third part, and the creators decided not to torment. What will happen to the picture next and what decision was made regarding the extension – read on.

Again, it’s too early to talk about the exact release date of season 4 of “Titans“, but the series has already been extended, which means that the premiere of the new series will take place no earlier than – August 12, 2022 !

here is new information about the premiere

But let’s keep the intrigue and allow ourselves to remind what the Titans are. In 2018, viewers met Grayson, who decided to change his life. He moved to another city, took a job with the police and began to lead an ordinary life without much interaction with colleagues. 

One day he met a girl who eventually got him into trouble. It became clear that the girl was hiding something or did not understand. From this began a series of adventures, the fight against evil and other events in a team of young superheroes led by Night-wing.

The second chapter of “Titans” was released in 2019, and the third – in 2021. The increased waiting period is traditionally associated with a pandemic, lock-down and infections, which have shifted the dates and made the public nervous. 

To everyone’s joy, just the other day, the big bosses extended the series “Titans” for season 4, and the release date for the new series should be expected in the summer of 2022.

The creators published the information without further comments on the Instagram of the project. Of course, no details of the cast, plot or other details were given. 

But the fact that the Titans will return is encouraging, although it will have to wait until the coming summer and then, if the coronavirus does not begin to atrogate and smash the plans of the movie bosses. 

The information was also confirmed during the DC Fandom, a virtual fan event. And now that the release date for season 4 of the series about the team of young titans has been set, there is time to discuss other aspects of the picture. For example, remember the participants in the process and the actors.

titans season 4

Production, actors, creators

The process of creating the tape and developing the idea was long – the first attempts were made back in 2014, when TNT announced their desire to remove the pilot of the Titans. 

Writing the script for the test episode was finished in December and by mid-2015 they planned to start filming, but did not start. 

As a result, at the beginning of 2016, the fans of the universe received unpleasant news – the development was curtailed, as TNT lost interest in the show .

Only in 2017 they returned to the question again and said that there will be “Titans”. This time, the promises came true and already in 2018 a new, unique project of its kind was seen, albeit based on an already immense universe. 

And now we are here, where all the Titans are already waiting for the release date of season 4. And wewe will wait for a fresh portion of news and believe that fresh episodes will not have to wait two years.

Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
4 × 0112 on August 2022 the year
4 × 02August 19 , 2022
4 × 03August 26 , 2022
4 × 04September 2 , 2022
4 × 05September 9 , 2022
4 × 06September 16 , 2022
4 × 07September 23 , 2022
4 × 08September 30 , 2022
4 × 092022
4 × 102022
4 × 112022
4 × 122022
4 × 132022


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