Tomato anti cancer, increase immunity & most nutritious

Tomato are widely used ingredients and are delicious when eaten raw. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients , and they are best known for their strong antioxidant power, lycopene . How to eat tomatoes to get the most nutrients ?

The classification of big and small tomatoes is different. Which one should I eat for weight loss?

Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, can be divided into two types: large tomatoes and small tomatoes. Chen Xiaowei, PhD in Food Science and nutritionist, pointed out that in terms of classification, large tomatoes are classified as vegetables, and small tomatoes are classified as fruits. The two are also slightly different in nutrition.

● Big tomatoes: low in sweetness, low in calories, only 17 calories in 100 grams. The dietary fiber per 100 grams is slightly less than that of small tomatoes.

● Small tomatoes: generally high in sweetness. The calories are also high. For the same 100 grams, the red tomato has 30 calories and the orange tomato has 29 calories.

Big tomatoes are mainly used as cooking ingredients, such as tomato scrambled eggs, tomato meat sauce, tomato pasta and so on. Because the big tomatoes have less sugar, they can be cooked together with some sweet tomatoes to increase the sweetness of the cooking without adding sugar.

In recent years, there has been an upsurge of “tomato weight loss“. Tomatoes used for weight loss usually refer to large tomatoes, because large tomatoes can provide satiety, low calories, and can also promote intestinal peristalsis and smooth bowel movements. When people who lose weight are hungry, they tend to burst into food and accidentally eat a lot of things. It is suitable to eat a large tomato contemporary meal. At the same time, a balanced diet and exercise are still needed to eat tomatoes to lose weight.

Small tomatoes are divided into red and orange, although the color is different, but the nutritional difference is not big. Chen Xiaowei explained that tomatoes contain carotene, which is inherently red and yellow, which causes the color difference. Take carrots as an example. Some are redder and some are orange-yellow.

Chen Xiaowei pointed out that people tend to think that small tomatoes are healthy, so they have no restraint in eating them all the time.

However, 1 small tomato is about 20 grams. If you eat too many pieces in one breath, you will get too many calories. You can eat about 15 to 20 small tomatoes a day, and you can eat 2 to 3 large tomatoes a day.

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tomato juice
   Big tomatoes are vegetables with low sweetness and low calories, making them suitable for weight loss food.

Lycopene oxidation and strong anti-cancer , cardiovascular protection

Both large tomatoes and small tomatoes contain lycopene, β-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and a small amount of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Beta-carotene will be converted into vitamin A when eaten in the body, which can maintain the stability of cell membrane, increase immunity and prevent night blindness. Vitamin C helps the integrity of the mucosal tissues of the respiratory tract and promotes collagen synthesis.

Lycopene is the most well-known nutrient of tomatoes. It is a carotenoid compound. Its antioxidant power is twice that of β-carotene and has 4 major benefits to the human body.

1. Anti-oxidation, improve immunity

life will be exposed to many pollutants, such as air pollution, smoking or second-hand smoke, alcohol, fried food, heavy metals, etc., which cause the body to produce free radicals. Chen Xiaowei said that free radicals can cause abnormal oxidation in the body, which in turn destroys cells in the body, accelerates aging and increases the risk of disease. The antioxidant power of lycopene can reduce the damage of free radicals in the body and also help the immune function.

2. Prostate health care

It has a protective effect on the prostate, can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer, and prevent and improve prostate hypertrophy.

3. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

It can reduce the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol LDL) in blood vessels, avoid hardening of the blood vessels, and achieve the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

4. Pre anti-cancer disease

Lycopene can inhibit free radical damage to cell chromosomal gene, help prevent cancer, protect e.g. adenocarcinoma, breast cancer, endometrial cancer and the like.

Stir-fried tomatoes with fat can absorb the most lycopene

Raw tomatoes are mainly for the intake of nutrients such as dietary fiber and vitamin C. Lycopene is a fat-capacity nutrient, and it is easily absorbed when it is eaten into the body together with oil and produces a health effect. There are 2 ways to get more lycopene:

1. Pick ripe tomatoes and eat them with the skins

The redder the tomato, the higher the lycopene content; and the more tomato skin.

2. Add fat and stir-fry before eating, which is better absorbed by the human body

Chen Xiaowei explained that tomatoes, together with fat, will release more lycopene through the “fried” process. If it’s just a boiled dish containing fat, such as tomato chicken soup, the amount of lycopene is not as much as the one that has been fried.

         Sautéed tomatoes with fat can be better absorbed by the human body, such as scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Canned tomatoes, tomato puree, tomato juice, tomato sauce and other commercially available tomato foods are processed so that the content of lycopene will be relatively high. But pay attention to the sodium content. For example, the sodium content of tomato sauce is high, so pay attention to the intake to avoid causing edema or cardiovascular disease.

When purchasing processed tomato foods on the market, compare the nutrition labels of similar products with each other, and choose products with high lycopene content, low sodium content and low calorie content.

Chen Xiaowei reminded that long-term excessive intake of lycopene will cause lycopenemia and make the skin yellow. It is recommended to take it in an appropriate amount in the diet.

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