Top 5 Online Jobs: How To Make Money Online?


Nowadays , everywhere there is competition with anything.especially a job.everyone needs a job in order to settle well in our growing that he can make a good can make money online.

In today’s era,competition has increased so much that people are not getting government jobs.

that is why in this article you will be told some platform which many people many not know from you and some people may know but they will not know correctly.

Making money from home

As i told you,in the growing world competition is very high but you do not have to worry.why ?
Because the world is developed that you can earn money easily at home.

As india prime minister : Narendra modi had said : – Be Self Reliant .

Now with the help of internet you can easily make money online at home.yes,it is absolutely true.

How to make money online ?

make money online

Internet is such a thing that can take you can make money with the help of internet.there is such platform in the internet ,where you can start your own blog.

What is a blog ?

What do you mean by blog ?

To tell from my point of view,a blog means a guidance,an information ,a subject or a content that will give information to the matter what the field is. may be field like-

Health related








if you have knowledge in any field,then you can make money by writing an information article or a content like a professional blogger.

Top 5 online jobs for make money online


2.Affiliate marketing


4.Digital Marketing


With the help of 5 platforms,you can earn a lot of can make any of these 1 your profession,you can make it as your income source.

Lets know how ?


If you have the art of writing in you,if there is anything creativity then you can make a lot of money by blogging.give the right information to people and make your article informative.

you can write about any one topic.that is why first select a niche then start writing.
you can write about- 




Something Educational





If you have any knowledge then you can write about it.
Just like i am giving you information about all these things,in the same way you can provide information to others.
Whatever information is inside you,you can provide it to the audience .instead of which you will get monthly payment according to the quality of your content through google.
That is why always try to write quality content.

You can do blogging in 2 ways

1- Blogger – you can start blogging here for free

2- WordPress -you can start blogging by investing some money

What is the Difference between Blogger and WordPress ?

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger WordPress
  • You get a Domain in free
  • You have to buy a Domain  and renew before it expire
  • No need to buy Hosting
  • You have to buy a Hosting and renew it before expire
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • You have to buy SSL certificate
  • High in security
  • Manage yourself but also high in security
  • You cannot use any plugin
  • You can use multiple plugin

Free blogging

As you know by name ,everything in it,is free.for start blogging for free,go to website.

As you can see here…

  • At first sign in here

Google itself has provided ,so that people create their own blog without investing any money.after sign in,you have to choose a domain here.whatever your niche is,choose any one domain related to it.

What is a domain ?

Domain is basically a name,an address through which the audience reach directly to your destination or your website.that is why you have to select a domain name for your website.

when you select one of your names in,whatever the name is,at last its extension will be ““.

Example – “             


In this way your name appear 1st then the last extension ““after selecting a domain,you have to do another thing that is a template for your website.

What is template ?

When you visit a website,the first interface that you see called template which is create with the help of make a template,it is necessary to have a knowledge of coding but in you will get all free using this,you can start your blog comfortably.

After doing all this in,your website will be ready for blogging.


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Congrats√ you have successfully created your blogging website.

After the website is ready,you have to add some pages to your

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Condition

Create these pages and add it to your website.


After adding pages,you start writing 15 to 20 high quality articles.within which there a a lot of can make your articles as informative as possible.write such articles 15 to 20 ,then post them on your website.

An article should be above 1000 words at least.then after to monetize your website simply you can apply for google adsense.through which you can make money online.


Google Adsense

After writing 15 to 20 articles,you can apply for google adsense.a few days after apply,when you get adsense approval then with the help of google adsense you can make $100 to $1500 monthly working at home in online.

It depends how hard working you are or how hard you are working.if you work too hard then you can earn more than $1500 in a month.

You need a little patience and hard work in this field.after this you can be successful someday.there are also some bloggers who make $60,000 in a why not you ?

If you also work hard and keep a little patience then you will reach at this place someday.

make money online

This is a one month old website of one of my client and its increase day by is amazing this figure could reach $100 in a day if he continue his hardwork, i am 101% sure.

so if you also start now and work hard then you will be a successful man very soon.


Just as you created your website y going to,you can create your website in WordPress also.but in wordpress you have to invest money to build your is have to invest money for both Domain and Hosting.


Best web hosting providers names –



A2 Hosting





In WordPress Domain and Hosting both are paid can perches Domain and Hosting for 1 year or 1 to 4 can renew again before the date has expired.

As you can see i am sharing a screenshot of hostinger,you can see the web hosting features can go with any hosting like Hostgator,Hostinger,Siteground,Bluehost,A2 Hosting etc.. there are many hosting providers.peek on of your choice.

How to install wordpress ?

After purches hosting ,you can simply go to hosting h-panel or control panel and there you can install wordpress.then you can control your website with the help of worpress.

3.Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing ?

There are many such seller companies,who are selling products online today.such as





There are many such companies which sell their products online.all these companies have their separate affiliate program.if you have a blog or a website you can easily join their affiliate program and earn money from affiliate.
After joining ,you can get their product and sell through your website.whichever affiliate program you have joined,they give you some share% of each may be 10% or 20%.

make money online
if a client comes to your site and see the products by clicking your affiliate button and leave to your site without any perches.if the same client perches in between 24 hours then you will get share% of that product.
if you do affiliate marketing properly then you can easily earn $1500 in a very short time.


If you want to freelancing job then you will get freelancing websites from the internet,where you can do freelancing job you will find a list of jobs.
i am sharing a screenshot of a freelancing website called ” “,you can see the list of these jobs yourself.

Similarly there are several freelancing website like –





You can choose any of these website for freelancing job. in freelancing website a lot of people come to this platform and they search for people who can easily do that work for them.

for this they post their jobs in freelancing website.if you have signed in on any freelancing site then you must have got jobs notification.

By doing that job we get money from that person .in some freelancing websites you can get 50% money in you can easily make money from here by doing freelancing job.

4.Digital marketing

Now all over the world these days like to buy stuff from the internet,according to their need.whether the perches is for themself or for another one or any marriage occasion.the way of shopping is changes completely in the last few years.
As technology is being achieved in the world ,no one likes to buy and go to the store like before.everything has been online nowadays and this figure is increasing day by day.

make money online
Due to online business,offline business has been like closed.because everyone like to shop on internet.

Digital marketing is a marketing done through internet,computer or electronic devices.through which any company can reach their target customer in a very short time by marketing products.which is also called online marketing.


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When a company launch their new products,it does marketing to make it reach out to a lot of people.

marketing also means to connect with your customer at the right place and at the right today’s time ,to reach to your customer ,you have to connect at the place where your customer spends all his time and that place is internet.

When phones were not available then companies used to promote their product from radio,newspaper,magazine and people used to buy them from the market after seeing the same advertisement.
But in the present time ,the youth spend all their time on Facebook , youtube , Blog or twitter.

  • Watch videos from youtube instead of TV
  • Listen songs on different apps on mobile instead of radio
  • instead of newspaper read online blog.

This is the reason that companies are now advertising their products digitally.earlier people used to go and see the stuffs in store but now they love to do online shopping just sitting at home.

if you have a blog or a website then you can simply write a informative or a detail content/article about that product and sell digitally.

As you can see the technology developing day by this case you must have a digital method which is going to give you great profit in future.

Who wouldn’t know about youtube ?


Not knowing here countless people watch videos everyday and spend all their time,this is also a google platform,where millions of people post there videos everyday.

but do you know that you can also earn a lot of money from youtube ?


If you are reading this article right now then people from you will know this thing and some may not even lets talk about how you can make money online from youtube.

youtube is a platform where you can post your information through video.

in youtube you should upload regular videos .when your 1k subscriber is complete then you can monitize your youtube channel,through which you can earn money form youtube.


upload regular good content in youtube and bring views on your videos.

good content like – it may be



                                                       ◊any informative content



                                                    ……….anything you like.

There are many such fields,whatever you like you can do that.the good thing is you will also earn money here and here you will get a different identity.

so which platform did you like please tell us by can also make these platform as your income source.(make money online)we will continue to bring such informative content for can subscribe to us to stay updated with our site ,so that the news is first received by you.

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