Homemade Best lemonade Recipe and Benefits

Can I Drink Lemonade Daily?

Lemon water is good for your health, not just on dry days.Lemons are very beneficial for beautiful face and fine health.Find out what benefits we can get by Drinking lemonade every day(homemade lemonade).

you can drink it every day.its really very good for your health.



Which Drink is Best For Immunity ?


Lemon juice Boosts immunity.People who have low levels of immunity should drink lemon water after exercise every day.This gives the body a lot of energy.


Is 100% Lemon juice Good For you ?


Lemon juice also helps in relieving obesity.Drinking lemonade on an empty stomach every morning reduces fat or body fat.It is rich in Antioxidants,which protect the body from damage to the cells in the body through the digestive process.

Truly Lemonade Recipe and Benefits

For those who have Bad Breath,lemon juice is very beneficial as it wipe out the Bacteria that cause bad breath.



 Is Drinking Lemon juice Good For Skin?

Lemon juice also helps to Brighten and smooth the face.Using Lemongrass as a face removes the dead cells on the face.


Does homemade lemonade Water increase Hunger?

Many have problems with Hunger.They should drink lemonade.It intensifies the digestive process and makes you hungry.(homemade lemonade)


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Amazing Facts

What is The Most Expensive Purse ?



There are auctions in different parts of the world.  Of those.  Some actions come to the fore.  


 A similar auction took place in 2016, in London.  Auction at the time.  


There was a purse.  And it was auctioned off for so much money that everyone was shocked.It also set a European record for higher prices.  It was auctioned for more than Rs 1.58 crore.  


The peculiarity of the purse is that; it was auctioned at the highest price.  


 The purse has 16 carat candies and Diamonds.  The bag was designed by Harmesh, a French fashion house.  


The name of the bag is Bergen.  Famous actress and singer.It was named after Kenny Burke.  Harmesh brand.  Purses are always sold for more money.  And it’s a favorite of celebrities.


Sea Tide made of Plastic Straw


plastic straw

 Plastic waste is on the rise.Not only on land but also at sea.It’s over.


 So Canadian architect Van Ong is trying to use this plastic waste in a different way.


He is thought to have survived ;an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention.


He built the architecture using plastic strips that have been lying around in vain.He did so in Ho Chi Minh City; Vietnam.Straw collections are also; made from various dustbins in Vietnam. 



After 6 months of collection it was; cleaned separated by color.He later began to work on architecture. And made an; architecture as if a great sea were tossed about;It was 10 feet 6 inches tall,36 feet 2 inches long,and 18 feet 6 inches wide

Tourists feel like walking through a huge tide as they walk through it.




Friends,do not through plastic anywhere,it spoil the beauty of our nature,and there are many unique animals that eat them.this is very damaging to them.so instead of throwing the plastic somewhere outside,keep it in one place and then use it correctly.


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