What Causes a Tsunami ? Tsunami and Warning

Tsunami and warning system

What causes a tsunami : 2004 December 24,At 2:28 a.m., the Sumatran hurricane hit southern Indonesia.The magnitude of the vibration on the Richter scale was 6.4.  It was the Strongest Earthquake in 40 years.Then came the dreadful sea turret.

 About 1.5 million people in South Asia have lost their eyesight in the Sujal Sea.  At 6.33 am, an earthquake shook Tamil Nadu, India.  Within an hour, the 10-meter-high tidal wave hit the beach.Twenty-seven countries, including India, were affected by Indonesia’s death toll,with a maximum death toll of 40,000.

In India, the death toll was 10.8, The number was 5, 6, the Affected 2.7 Million and 11,728 hectares of land were lost, and millions of fishermen lost their livelihoods.The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor,however;no Tsunami alert was issued In Japanese,”flu”means”harbor”and “name” means jerry.

A tsunami is a powerful tidal wave that causes Earthquakes near or near the sea,fires from hidden volcanoes,volcanic eruptions,landslides,or Tidal waves in the ocean.”The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor,however;no Tsunami alert was issue.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however;no Tsunami alert was issued.If the seabed suddenly rises or falls due to an earthquake,the water level rises or rises.

What Causes a Tsunami ?

It creates one powerful wave after another, with speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour in the form of low waves and a distance of 100 kilometers between two adjacent waves.The epicenter was report below the Pacific Ocean floor,however;no Tsunami alert was issued.(what causes a tsunami )

Its real near the shore.The well appears.Near the low tide, 10 to 20 meters of high waves are expect to hit the beach.Sometimes the waters of the sea flow in from June before reaching the shore. 

People curiously move into the sea and later lose their lives in the‘Tsunami Jazeera’.The catastrophic”tsunami”of 2008 is one of the five most devastating tsunamis to date.

Shortly after the quake, waves hit the coast. Damages can be avoid if the general public receives warning from the tsunami alert center during that time.

India did not have such a system in place before 2009 but now it has played an important role. This has been made possible by the Ministry of Geology with the help of GST, ISRO and CS4IIR.

The National Tsunami Saving System 2008 is monitoring the Indian Ocean day and night through our “National Oceanic Information Service“.The earth-quick below the ocean Keeping track of.

It can be alert within 10 minutes of receiving information on the adoption of this provision in the Indian Ocean region. According to UNESCO, the Indian system is one of the most sensitive in Tibet. 

A  tsunami alert was issue.  One type of sensor is install in the coastal area and the other on the sea floor.  This information is transmit to the satellite by an astronomer in the event of an earthquake in the ocean bed.  By satellite, information centers receive information from the media. 

In the aftermath of the catastrophic tsunami of 2008, UNESCO, with the help of UNESCO, initiated efforts to advance the tsunami.  There was also concern for a Tsunami alert system at the regional level.  In 2008, India introduced a regional tsunami car provider for its coastal region.  

In the same year; Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia; also arranged for regional tsunamis for their own people.Today our I, N.C.O.I.S. The epicenter was report below the Pacific Ocean floor,however; no tsunami alert was issue.Every sub-system staying at the center is being test regularly.

The Tsunami alert system in our country has provided preliminary information to 24 countries along the coast of the Indian Ocean.

In 2011, UNESCO recommended those countries to look into the effectiveness of our system.Today India has collect data from 40 earthquake centers.No tsunami alert was issued for seven Tsunamis and 35 children. 

The Indian Space Research Organization ‘Jaso’ and the Indian Airports Authority A.A. He has extended a hand to help the public in this direction.The satellite communications system will be able to provide per-tsunami-related mobile-command to fishermen and other organizations located in the remote areas of the Indian Ocean.

Tsunami and warning systems


The biggest thing is our awareness. As we walk along the national highway, we see a lot of signs, from wearing helmets and seat belts to speeding and winding roads.  

However;we do not know the meaning of all the signs.  Although some of the problems are understandable, we do not care.  Disrespect to signs is the main cause of road accidents. 

Similarly; there are some tsunami-related crises in the coastal areas of the tsunami, but the people are not interest in understanding them.

So when the real tsunami comes, they lose their lives, so it’s important for the public to know about all the tsunami warning signs.  Otherwise no information system can protect their livelihood.

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