Twilight Saga (2009) New Moon Full Movie Free Download

Twilight new moon full movie free

Director: Catherine Hardwick

Starring: Kristen Stewart , Robert Pattinson , Billy BurkeAshley

GreeneGenre: Drama Love ThrillerProduction

Country/Region: United States


Bella finally marries Vampire Edward. Eventually she will be given a new life. However, the hungry child grows too fast and begins to threaten Bella’s life. Furthermore, the existence of the child becomes a new source of conflict between the vampires and the wolves


The love triangle between Edward and Jacob over Bella is finally settled. What are the further challenges for Bella, who got married and gave her a new life? Just before the climax, the story shows a big swell.

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Twilight saga full movie

The episode ” Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn I“, Bella and Edward finally got married. A dreamy and beautiful wedding of the century is about to be held.

The couple will go to Brazil to spend their time. Honeymoon, there are many seductive and intimate scenes. Soon after marriage, Bella found out that she was carrying the crystallization of vampire love, which made her suffer. 

During the production process, Edward persisted and inserted a needle filled with his own venom into Bella’s heart, making her a member of the vampire family.

Facing the process of ordinary people transforming into vampires, Bella used her talent to overcome the primitive desires of vampires, so the Cullen family finally assured her of giving her daughter to her. 

But the good times are not always, a battle of conflict sweeping the world of vampires is about to unfold…

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Twilight new moon full movie free Download


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Edward Bella began to take over and vomiting

The fact that Bella and Edward must be at the same table in biology class seems to be the beginning of their fate. The fan blows Bella’s hair, and the fragrance of her blood directly shocks Edward, making him almost killing him and causing disaster.

It sounds terrifying. , But if you change to a normal person’s perspective, the girl will show an expression of “I’m going to spit it out” at the first meeting, and it will definitely be eliminated in the real world~

Super domineering “block cars” not afraid of

The other boys are still riding the gears, and Edward directly helps Bella’s handsome “block the car” ! 

This passage is definitely the classic in the first episode. It is also Edward who personally saved Bella at the risk of revealing his identity (although his identity was still exposed in the end) , but looking at the degree of depression of the body, it can be seen how powerful Edward is.

Bella, who has witnessed all this up close, will not be surprised.

Beauty and the “Beasts”

twilight 2008 full movie

Can’t we not mention it at the end of the first episode, right? After solving the terrible stalker vampire, Edward took Bella to the prom.

The two looked at each other affectionately. Who cares if Bella’s right foot is wrapped in plaster and is inconvenient to move? And when Edward asked Bella “Do you want to be a beast that way?”

Bella replied, “I dream of being with you forever.” OK~ The sweet girl editor here is also willing!

twilight saga pictures
source: The Twilight [email protected]

The heartbreaking scene of the second episode is definitely Edward coming calmly to say goodbye to Bella. Jasper’s loss of control at the birthday party frightened Edward. 

In order to protect Bella, Edward made what he thought was the safest way for her (but also made Bella the most heartbroken)-leaving Fox ,

which made Bella in the second episode Most of the time, I was frowning, and accompanied by the atmosphere created by the original soundtrack, he vividly showed the state of the broken-hearted woman.

James is a world of light Bella

jacob and bella
source: The Twilight [email protected]

After Edward left, Jacob accompanied Bella out of the low ebb, but fell in love with her unknowingly. Whether it was saving Bella who was playing cliff diving, or showing his feelings for her after watching a movie with Bella’s friends, he was second.

The classic part of the episode is also an episode of “Jacobs“, where you can see Jacob’s true feelings for her, but Bella Shi always lives with Edward , so when she hears that Edward is in danger, her first One option is to leave Jacob (help Jacob cry) .

Bella and my heart will always be “his”

source: The Twilight [email protected]

In this scene, Bella rushed towards Edward, who was about to expose her identity as a vampire at noon. Even if Edward had left for so long, she was still willing to fight for him. Even Jacob’s plea to stay was useless , making the girl editor feel abusive and angry. , (Don’t leave in the first place~)

The danger was finally rescued, and the two were reunited smoothly. Realizing that Bella is more important to herself than she thought, Edward also proposed to her at the end of the film , laying the groundwork for the third episode.

No and smoke of war

twilight 2008 full movie
Source: The Twilight [email protected]

Stop arguing! After Edward came back, there were a lot of confrontation between Edward and Jacob in the third episode .

This scene happened to be the two people trying to kill Bella against the army of Victoria’s creation of vampires, and the matter of “Should we let the werewolves intervene” was deadlocked, Bella watched.

War was about to break out, and he hurriedly jumped out to declare that he was Switzerland (a neutral country) . Although Edward really hated Jacob, he finally compromised considering the safety of Bella and Charlie.

This Wolf body temperature higher than you 

Bella, who avoids novice vampires at high altitude, froze in the night, but Edward , a vampire, was as ice as marble and could not warm Bella. 

The scene where Jacob went on horseback was really ironic. XD plus Jacob’s sentence “Because I’m Hotter Than You” is really spicy enough. But the two people have the same goal-to protect Bella .

The girl editor guessed that Bella might have saved the universe in her life, so that both the werewolf and the blood washer were fascinated by her.

In front of Bella will always be Eduardo

twilight 2008 full movie
Source: The Twilight [email protected]

Although hiding in Tibet, Bella was found by Victoria. In this scene, Victoria manipulates the novice vampire Riley to attack Bella in order to avenge her dead boyfriend in the first episode.

Edward stands up to protect Bella , although in the end Edward didn’t. Can convince Riley about Victoria’s lie, but at least Seth (werewolf) arrived in time to be distracted, otherwise it is really not sure whether Edward can be one enemy two (one of them is a novice vampire) .

Comparable to the eternal wedding

bella married pictures
Source: The Twilight [email protected]

marry! I must get married! At Bella’s wedding, in addition to his loved ones, even his long-lost friend Jacob also returned to be the (late) “groomsman“.

The girl editor almost blushed when he saw Charlie leading Bella towards Edward. The ups and downs don’t seem to be a big deal, and Edward’s expression on Bella at the wedding is even more so devoted to breaking the watch, and was once used as a screen lock screen by a girl editor XD

Affectionate excessive ruined bed frame 

twilight 2008 full movie
Source: The Twilight [email protected]

The honeymoon period in these three acts is also very classic, including the old-school Edward taking Bella into the house, the first time the two tried to be intimate, and the appearance of Bella waking up the next day to find that the bed frame was ruined . XD, after all, was with a vampire.

Together, pillows or something, it is reasonable to break one or two. By the way, can Edward not have such strong and sexy muscles in this episode? It turns out that boys with handsome faces and good figures and thoughtful bodies really exist.

Motherly love more than anything in the world

twilight 2008 full movie
Source: The Twilight [email protected]

Bella, who was pregnant and ended her honeymoon early, was determined to give birth to the “unknown creatures” in her belly.

In the second half of the movie, Bella almost collapsed on the bed or sofa, although Edward only cared about the safety of Bella’s life at first.

He didn’t have time to take care of “his” child, but later learned the baby’s message through Edward’s talent, and gradually relieved the tension. 

However, I must say in a low voice that Bella’s makeup after pregnancy is too horrible , here is a compliment to the special effects makeup artist.

Bella Emmett big win

twilight 2008 full movie
Source: The Twilight [email protected]

Speaking of super classics, after reincarnating as a vampire, Tibera must have a wrist strength match with the Cullen family hercules-Emmett , watching the vigorous novice vampire Bella simply win easily, compared to even walking before reincarnation Instability, undeveloped motor nerves, and the weak appearance of hitting Jacob but hurting his own hand really can’t stand up!

My daughter is the Loch Ness Monster?

This is also invincible and funny, when Bella found out that her newborn daughter had been “destined” by Jacob , she was so annoyed! 

With the strength of the novice vampire mixed with the anger of his mother, it is natural to smash Jacob, but then Bella has gradually accepted this matter, especially when she clearly realizes that Jacob will really do her best to protect Renise Mi, is not just talking in the vernacular.


Last but not closing credits scene, Bella learn to show the thoughts of the brain to Edward, the film rewind review all transfer occurred during his lifetime, and then coupled with Chistina Perri Thousand Years> of <A , let girl editing in addition to the “Twilight” series Feeling disappointed at the end of the two, and even more moved by the two “FOREVER” vows, tears were also deceived.

Who said that only a prince and princess can have a happy ending?

twilight 2008 full movie
Source: The twilight [email protected]

Although the “Twilight” series has been over for a long time, the classic pictures that remain in the hearts of movie fans will definitely not forget .Other people should go to Netflix to watch .

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