Type B Bulb: What is Type B Light Bulb?

Type B Bulb

The plasticity of LEDs gives lighting a great imagination. LED bulbs are also very subdivided, that is, specific bulbs have specific uses. Today we will talk about bulbs.

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First, let’s understand the common domestic civil lamp holder interfaces: E14, E27, E40, B22, G4, G9, etc.,

where E is the screw port, the number is the diameter of the thread; B is the bayonet, and the number is the screw shell bayonet The diameter of the lamp; G represents the plug-in lamp holder, the number is the center distance of the two pins, the E40 lamp holder is often used in outdoor lamps, and the others are basically used indoors.

The function of the bulb can be roughly divided into:

type b bulb

A’: Basic lighting type, mainly used for lighting for the purpose of enhancing brightness

B’: Decorative lighting type, with the use of lighting to create a better lighting atmosphere and enhance the lighting art.

C’: specific function type, other specific function bulbs

Transparent filament bulb type LED bulb E17-B type Function

type b bulb
More realistic filament bulb NEW

Just like the real thing! On the contrary, it is brighter and more energy efficient than the real thing. 

Equipped with two elongated rod-shaped LEDs,it reproduces the familiar warm filament light when the power is turned on.

A new model of the LED filament bulb has appeared. Compared to the conventional product, the size is 3 cm shorter, making it more like a light bulb.

type b bulb
Bright but energy saving

Even though it consumes only 1.8W, it is more than 20W of incandescent light bulbs. Moreover, it has a long life.

Safety light bulb that does not heat

The filament of an incandescent light bulb becomes a high temperature of about 3,000 ° C, and the heat transfer to the bulb causes the glass surface to become a high temperature of about 100 to 200 ° C, which is dangerous. 

On the other hand, this LED bulb does not get hot because the inside of the glass tube is vacuumed so that heat is not easily transferred. It is warm to the touch. 

This LED bulb is an efficient, safe and durable light source that saves wasted energy.

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Insects are hard to approach

Due to the non-ultraviolet effect of using LEDs, insects in the summer do not approach, so the insects do not become unsightly like ordinary lamps.

NEW Transparent filament bulb type LED bulb E17-B type Product specifications 
Model numberXTBULB 1.8W / E17 B
LED color temperature3000k (bulb color)
power consumption1.8W (equivalent to 40W incandescent light bulb)
Rated voltageAC100V 50 / 60Hz
Brightness (total luminous flux)200 lumens
Consumption efficiency> 110 lm / W
Color renderingRa> 80
Illuminance angle360 °
Product weight0.03Kg
Material<Cover> Tempered glass
socketE17 base
DimmingCannot be used with dimmers, etc.
sizeWidth 35 mm x height 90 mm Light bulb length 70 mm

1. Do not disassemble or modify.
2. To maintain product quality, do not use in places where there is a risk of getting wet or dropping.
This product is for indoor use and is not drip-proof.
3. Not compatible with airtight appliances and dimmers.
4. When installing or replacing the bulb, be sure to turn off the light switch on the wall.

One: Basic lighting type

1. LED bulbs

type b bulb
LED Bulb

This is the most circulating product on the market. The power is basically 3W-50W. Due to the large market demand, the competition is fierce, and the price and quality are mixed.

If you don’t have much research on the bulbs, try to choose the brand to buy, and some price The price is extremely cheap, the so-called “36W” bulb is less and cheap, of course, don’t expect quality and light effect.

2. LED UFO lights

led ufo light
LED UFO lights

The advantages of this kind of bulbs are large light-emitting surface, anti-mosquito, anti-dust, and anti-splashing water.

The power is mostly 18W-50W, and it can be used in places with relatively high brightness requirements. 

All big and small brands, workshops and factories are doing it. The quality is also uneven.

3. LED corn bubble

led corn bubble light
LED corn bubble

The main uses of this kind of bulbs are garden lights, pillar lights, street lights, etc.

Because there is no milky white acrylic lampshade, the light emitted is not affected by any optical reflection and is not suitable for household use.

You can choose low-power 20W or less with The main power range is 10W-200W for lamps with milk white cover.

4. LED street light bulbs

LED street light
LED street light

The commonality of this kind of bulbs is the E40 lamp holder, the light source is facing down, the brightness is good, and it is waterproof.

This kind of bulb is basically not used in the family.

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