Uncharted Movie: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer, Cast

All Tom Holland fans will love the following news for sure. The creators announced when the premiere of the film “Uncharted: Doesn’t appear on the cards” with him in the lead role and what events will form the basis of the project will take place. Want to know more? We will tell the details further.

Well, in parallel, we are waiting for the release date of the movie “Uncharted”, which is already scheduled for in-between February 10-18, 2022 in cinemas in your city.

From idea to release only 15 years

Originally Uncharted is a series of action-adventure games. The developers released the first game in 2007, and the last in 2017.

The creation of the film adaptation turned out to be a very long process. For the first time, they started talking about the possibility of adapting the adventure back in 2005 – even then it was reported that the producer Avi Arad, together with Sony, was working on the show. And it would seem – 2-3 years and the picture could be released on screens.

But no, the organizers now and then changed the participants in the process – scriptwriters, directors, and also thought who would play the main role.

In 2016, a new piece of information appeared. Then the authoritative English-language edition reported – a draft of the film’s script is being written. The fans were outraged – 10 years have passed, and they only took up a draft.

The script was ready by the beginning of 2017 and at the same time it was planned to start the filming process, but again there were personnel changes and the director changed. In 2019, it was indicated that the release date was scheduled for the end of 2020.

As you can imagine, the premiere of Uncharted did not happen . But even here unstable personnel intervened in the matter – either the director, the scriptwriter, or the actors could not agree on schedules with each other and constantly dropped out of the project.

And finally, the day of the release is marked. Well, as far as all these efforts made sense, we will find out in the movie “Uncharted: Doesn’t appear on the cards” the release date, which is already scheduled for February 10, 2022.

The official synopsis states that the events of the film will serve as a backstory to the game and will show the young Nathan Drake, who, along with Victor Sullivan, will go in search of the greatest treasure.

Also, the bosses promised to reveal the mystery of the disappearance of the main character’s brother . More information was not provided, but it is even more interesting to wait for the release date of the movie “Uncharted”.


As we said above, Tom Holland will play a key role. By the way, it is largely because of his busy schedule that the premiere of the Uncharted movie has shifted.

Together with the young actor, Mark Wahlberg will appear on the screen – the star of the films “The Perfect Storm“, “Planet of the Apes“, “Transformers” and others. Also one of the roles was given to Antonio Banderas, and the list of performers includes Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle.

Now you know everything that is known about the project, and although the location in the movie does not appear on the maps, we are still waiting for the release date of the movie “Uncharted“. Well, her resounding success or a loud failure awaits – it’s up to you, dear viewers .


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