Upcoming “American Horror Stories” Season 2: Release date, episode & trailer

Vague feelings arose among the audience in connection with the latest statement of the creators. The movie bosses have announced that they have scheduled the premiere of season 2 of the American Horror Stories television series and even named an estimated release time.

Why indicative? And because the exact date of the release of the series "American Horror Stories" season 2 do not even know the movie bosses. We only assume that the premiere of the new series will take place no earlier than June 16, 2022 .

Not the best stories

The show of the first part started in the summer of 2021, but the picture itself became known earlier – in the spring of 2020. The public had high hopes for the upcoming project, because the original of the picture turned out to be quite fascinating. 

Spin-offs are independent stories, each of which takes 1-2 episodes. It is based on myths, legends and the most terrible traditions. There were references to the progenitor, and independent episodes.

But, having a high rating of expectations, after the release date, the picture was faced with a wave of negative reviews. According to the opinion of the public, the tape turned out to be so raw and not intriguing that its extension is not advisable . 

But apparently America loves scary stories, since FX has already extended American Horror Stories for season 2, with a release date next summer. The creators ignored both mediocre ratings and a sea of ​​negative and neutral reviews.

American horror stories

Among the main complaints are the hackneyed plot techniques, which have already flashed more than once in other anthologies of this genre, as well as the general sluggishness of the narrative. 

According to reviews, most viewers only rated a couple of episodes from the entire first season. We hope that the extension of the painting was deliberate, and the creators will analyze and take into account the criticism. Otherwise, the picture will not exist for long .

Recently, more information has appeared related to American stories. Screenwriter Ryan Murphy came to FX’s management team with two fresh ideas that could be developed within the franchise. So the man suggested creating two more branches – sports and love.

American horror stories

When season 2 comes out

The release date of the sequel was called even before the final of the first part and it was reported that it will be possible to see it already in 2022. What storylines will be chosen for the narration, who will play in the tape and what to expect about it in general, we will find out closer to the start of the show.

Now we only know that FX will continue to broadcast American horror stories after the release date of season 2 of the sensational spin-off. 

I wonder if the project has a chance to rehabilitate itself or if the creators release the tape exclusively for commercial purposes without regard to the opinion of the public? We will answer this question as soon as the sequel is presented.

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
2 × 0116 June 2022 the year
2 × 02June 23 , 2022
2 × 03June 30 , 2022
2 × 04July 7 , 2022
2 × 05July 14 , 2022
2 × 06July 21 , 2022
2 × 07July 28 , 2022


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