Waking Up with Headaches | Why Do i wake Up with a Headache?

Why do i wake up with a Headache ? (waking up with Headaches)

Waking up with headaches: I woke up in the morning on the last 4.5 days and I had a slight headache (not very painful but just sensation).But after waking up . It was fine in about 5 minutes… There was another time when I just woke up. Forehead felt If it’s cold, there will be a little headache.

But when the forehead is warmed, the pain will disappear immediately .. Normally, if it is too cold, it will also hurt, but just wear a little warmer and it will be fine.

Otherwise, it is if you have a headache now. .. When the forehead is relatively hot. Touch it with a cold hand for a while, and the pain immediately disappears…

What causes headaches ?

waking up with headaches

Compression headaches are usually dull on the forehead, or both sides and back of the head A dull pain or tightness. Many people describe this feeling as if the forehead is tightly tied with a headscarf. In the worst case, the pain makes the whole head, shoulders and neck tightly wrapped like a headgear.

The intensity of this headache is usually mild to moderate. The severity of pain varies from person to person, and the severity of headache varies from person to person. 

Compression headaches can last from 30 minutes to a whole week. Most patients report that the pain starts shortly after waking up in the morning or starts in the morning.

Some people with contraction headaches feel uncomfortable in the neck or jaw, or make a noise when they open their jaws. The scalp, neck and shoulders may also be painful. Other signs and symptoms may include difficulty sleeping, tiredness, irritability, loss of appetite, and inability to concentrate.

Unlike some forms of migraines, constriction headaches are usually not related to visual disturbances (blind spots or flashes), nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness, tingling on one side of the body, or slurred speech. 

Although physical exercise tends to exacerbate migraines, it does not make contraction headaches worse. Some people with contraction headaches are more sensitive to light or sound, but this symptom is not common.

Predisposing factors and the aggravating factor

Austerity-type headache may be predisposing factors listed a long list. You may not find obvious or consistent triggers, or there are several obvious triggers. Potential predisposing factors include:

1.Poor posture ˙ Lack of exercise

2.Insufficient sleep, or changes in sleep time,

3. Stress ˙ Depression or anxiety

4.Hormonal changes caused by menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, or use of hormones,

5.Excessive use of headache medicine

6.Taking medication to treat other diseases,

7.poor working posture, or maintaining a posture for too long

8.Hungry for too long, eat less meals

The weather is getting colder and colder, and there is another wave of cold air coming to report.

When I leave the bed in the morning, I always feel that I have exhausted my willpower and struggle, and as long as I leave the warm bed,”headache in back of head” my head will be very painful when I come into contact with the cold air.

You will feel better only after you move. But in the eyes of headache physicians, this may represent different warning signs of the body.

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Getting up in the morning is a warning sign

waking up with headaches

Headaches and pains are the same. It must be “increased signals uploaded to the brain” plus “decreased control ability for downloading” to produce pain; therefore, headaches will occur. Some people have increased pain signals, and some people have a worsening ability to suppress pain , so simple headaches actually represent many reasons.

And headaches”headache back of head” in the middle of the night, early morning, and even into the morning require special attention. Because the headache at this time is probably caused by “High brain pressure“.

Yang Fuji, director of the Headache Society and director of the Department of Neurology of the General Hospital of the Tri-Services General Hospital, said that when the brain is lying flat in the evening, the pressure of the brain will increase due to gravity.

Generally speaking, the body will automatically adjust, but if there is a disease in the brain, Failure to regulate brain pressure can cause headaches.

Causes of headaches in the morning

waking up with headaches

Is indeed the cause contraction-type headache, is still unknown. There are different theories about the mechanism of this headache. Until a few years ago, many researchers believed that constriction headaches were caused by muscle contractions in the face, neck, and scalp, or caused by elevated mood, tension, and stress.

However, recent research does not agree with this theory. According to electromyography studies and recording the current generated by muscle activity, it was found that the muscle tension of patients with contraction headaches did not increase. 

More than that, the muscle tension of migraine patients is the same as or more severe than that of contraction headache patients.

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In other case,morning headache(waking up with headaches) may be due to slow breathing during sleep, carbon dioxide accumulation causes over-dilation of blood vessels, and many nerve pain fibers are distributed around the blood vessels, so the blood vessels dilate and feel headaches, but they will slow down after a while.

Slow improvement. But normally, the average person is less likely to have a headache due to the concentration of carbon dioxide during sleep unless there is too much carbon dioxide accumulated during sleep.

1. Respiratory tract narrow

People with narrow respiratory tract may not feel it during the day, but because they are lying down when sleeping, the respiratory tract will be narrower.

so it is easy to not breathe air, resulting in a slight hypoxia and increased carbon dioxide concentration in the body; wake up Sometimes I feel headache, dizziness and uncomfortable.

2.Sleep too long

But when you sleep, your breathing will slow down and carbon dioxide will accumulate easily, so if you sleep for too long, the carbon dioxide will easily accumulate excessively, causing headaches when you wake up.

Another reason is that people with migraine constitutions are prone to “induced” headaches due to changes in their living habits, such as not getting enough sleep on weekdays, sleeping on holidays, or stress release and relaxation.

Headache is easy, so in addition to observing whether you sleep too much, you must also record your daily habits to get a more comprehensive understanding.

3. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

People with obstructive sleep apnea are similar to people with narrow airways, but the condition is more serious.

They often stop breathing during sleep and are more prone to hypoxia . Zhuang Libang, director of the Sleep Center of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that people with sleep apnea have reflexes in their body to avoid suffocation.

so they intuitively breathe through their mouths, which leads to the feeling of dry mouth and tongue when they wake up, but their mouths breathe oxygen. The amount is still insufficient, so it will cause headaches.

4.Not getting enough sleep

Waking up with headaches: Not getting enough sleep is also a big source of headaches.not getting enough sleep can make the excitatory substances Catecholamine or non-epinephrine in the body have a high concentration, causing headaches ; and if it is like depression caused by insomnia, because the body’s serotonin (serotonin) is biased. If it is low, the ability to suppress pain is decreased, and headaches are more likely to occur.

Sleep early & wake up at the right time: Staying up late and lack of sleep may also cause autonomic nervous system disorders and induce headaches. “In fact, sleep and daily routines are closely related to headaches. It can be said that headaches are a symptom produced by a combination of many reasons.”

5.Primary sleep headache

There is a special type of headache that only occurs during sleep, called “primary sleep headache,” which usually occurs in men over 50.

It usually occurs within a few hours after falling asleep, and it makes people wake up with pain. The pain will last for a period of time, and it may even be impossible to fall asleep.

But the treatment is not difficult, as long as the administration of neuroleptics such as lithium salt can improve.

6.High Blood Pressure

As for people with high blood pressure, their blood pressure is too high and their blood vessels are already in a tight state, Lin Gaozhang said, so once the pressure of carbon dioxide-induced vasodilation is added, headaches are very easy to produce.

7.intracranial pressure (brain pressure) is too high

As mentioned above, the increase in intracranial pressure (brain pressure) is likely to be caused by related diseases in the brain, such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral edema , and cerebrospinal fluid imbalance, which may cause serious brain damage. even death.

8.Brain Tumors

Xu Pengwei, chief physician of the Department of Neurosurgery of Brain Tumor at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that pain like brain tumors often occurs at night or in the morning, but it is usually accompanied by typical brain tumor symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, so be careful.

Yang Fuji said that if you have frequent headaches, it is best to visit a headache clinic or a neurologist to find out the real cause, otherwise you may miss the warning signs of major diseases. “Of course, this type of headache is not necessarily caused by a serious disease.

It may also be a primary sleep headache, but you must first be diagnosed by a doctor and rule out these possibilities before you can know the true situation. Don’t be rush.”

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