Get Paid to Watch Ads in Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a chromium-based high-speed web browser that provides an ad-free browsing experience, and users can choose Watch the advertisement, and then convert the income into Brave’s blockchain cryptocurrency-BAT (Basic Attention Tokens), which will be paid to your Brave wallet every month. 

That’s right – the ad-blocking browser (Brave) is now starting to serve ads, but the way it considers the user experience more than other browsers we’re used to.

Although it runs on the same chromium technology and looks like Google Chrome, Brave does not share the issue of data tracking. Brave was removed from any data collection process and actively prevented many advertisements and website activity tracking used to collect user information. 

Brave’s new advertising model can maintain the level of user privacy, but at the same time it also seeks to “stabilize the network and its capital operation model.”

Advertising is annoying and data tracking is surprising, but most of the websites we visit every day are operated by advertising revenue, and blocking these ads makes it difficult to operate these websites. What is Brave’s solution? It is to pay you to watch ads and share the money with your favorite websites.

How the Brave rewards advertising model works

Brave creates the advertising “catalogs” & uses machine learning to customize the advertising experience based on the ads you view, thereby eliminating the middleman between the advertisers & users.

The model is fully enabled, which means that these ads will be disabled by default. If you view the advertisement, it will be converted to Brave’s cryptocurrency-BAT (Basic Attention Tokens), which will be paid to your Brave wallet every month.

BAT cannot be converted to local currency at this time, but Brave will add this option in the near future. At the same time, BAT can be used to purchase gift cards and gift certificates from online retailers, hotels and restaurants.

All advertising information is stored in this machine and will never be shared with advertisers or the domains you visit (although you choose to share the revenue you generate with frequently visited websites).

Most importantly, “Brave Rewards” will still provide you with an ad-free browsing experience; instead of displaying Brave’s ads on the web, it will be displayed as a desktop notification (this feature is currently only available on the desktop version of Brave) Use, but plan to use it on iOS and Android in the future).

Brave browser tutorial

How to activate and set up “Brave Rewards”

  1. Download and install the latest version of Brave
  2. Open a new Brave browser window
  3. When you run the browser for the first time, you can enable Brave Rewards 4. You can also enable, disable and customize in the browser settings Brave Rewards. To find these, click the “Menu” icon in the upper right corner of your browser, and then click the “Brave Rewards” tab in the “Settings” menu. Or, enu “icon, and then click the “Brave Rewards” tab in the “Settings” menu. Or, you can type “brave: // settings /” in the URL bar to jump directly to the menu
brave browser

Brave Rewards” can show how much BAT currency you have earned and other indicators. You can also change various settings related to the ad experience. This is a description of the most important options:

Enable Brave Rewards: This will enable and disable all “Brave Rewards” options, including advertising, BAT generation and Auto-contribute.

Turn on ads: Turn on or off advertising notifications. If you turn it off, you will not be able to get BAT from the ad. However, there are other ways to earn BAT, including promotional proposals provided by Brave from time to time.

Ad settings: This option allows users to set the number of advertisements that can be seen per hour, ranging from 1-5 (the default is 2). Viewing more ads means more BAT is generated.

Auto-contribute: This setting allows users to share the BAT advertising revenue they generate with the websites they visit-the idea is that you pay them directly instead of participating in their advertising model. You can set an amount from your wallet to allocate to the websites you browse.

If you don’t have a Brave browser yet, you can click here to download the latest version and make money right away. The more you use Brave to browse websites, the more money you will make.

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