Best Hollywood Movies Free to Watch on YouTube

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Best Hollywood Movies free to Watch on YouTube

Does everyone watch Hollywood Movies or best hollywood movies? why not? Watching movies is fun and interesting, and is a great way to move the clock hands quickly.

Perhaps this is why thousands of hollywood movies are released globally and these films generate billions of dollars in profits.

Movies are like people, they have their own genres. In short, there are drama, suspense, horror, and romance. There are dozens of genres that cater to the tastes of specific people, but their tastes are different from other people.

Best Hollywood movies to Watch on Netflix

Best Hollywood movies to Watch on Netflix
Best Hollywood movies to Watch on Netflix

Best movies on netflix: Netflix is recommended for those who like overseas works and Amazon Prime Video is recommended for those who want to watch mainly best movies, english movie, anime, and kids’ works.

Netflix is ​​a video distribution service that originated overseas.

On Netflix, you can watch Vinland Saga’s anime as much as you want.

Netflix has three pricing plans, and you can choose the one that suits your taste and purpose.

  • Basic monthly fee $8.99
  • Standard monthly fee $13.99
  • Premium monthly fee $17.99

(* The difference between each plan is the image quality and the number of simultaneous viewings).

Best Hollywood Movies free to Watch on YouTube List

  1. “Spotlight” (2016)
  2. “Son of Saul” (2015)
  3. “Goodfellas” (2016)
  4. “Source Code” (2011)
  5. “Safety Not Guaranteed” (2012)
  6. “Reincarnation” (2019)

6 Best Hollywood Movies to watch on YouTube

There are some websites that only allow Internet users to watch their favorite movies without any barriers-except that advertising is a matter of life and death for these websites. If you are caught doing piracy from illegal and piracy sites then for this you can be jailed for six to 3 years and fined. read below for more.

Hollywood Movies – Spotlight (2016)

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 97%

The Oscar winner for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay talks about the sexual harassment scandal in the Catholic Church. During the investigation, the journalists of the Boston newspaper, The Boston Globe (they are played by Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Liev Schreiber) learn all the “joys” of the conflict with an influential religious organization covering a whole network of pedophiles.

Based on true events, the drama turned into a detective story, and at some points, a tense thriller. The success of the film made filmmakers again talk not only about church corruption (see “By the will of God”), but also about the importance of conscientious journalistic work (see “Secret Dossier”).

However, director Tom McCarthy quickly disappeared from the sight of academics: his new work is a family film for Disney + about a detective boy and his imaginary friend, a talking polar bear.

Hollywood Movies – “Son of Saul” (2015)

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 96%

It seemed that in the mid -2010s it was impossible to show the Holocaust in a new way. However, Bela Tarr’s former assistant, debutant Laszlo Nemes, was able to find a way. The Hungarian drama is somewhat reminiscent of the recent “1917” – another formal experiment that, using the tools of a video game, sends viewers to hell.

“Son of Saul” shows a day and a half in the life of Auschwitz prisoner Saul Auslander, who has to dispose of the corpses of Jews who died in gas chambers.

On the eve of the uprising, Saul finds the body of a boy, whom he takes for his own son, and decides to bury him at all costs according to the Jewish rite. The film received the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and the recognition of the author of “Shoah” Claude Lanzmann.

Hollywood Movies- “Goodfellas” (2016)

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 92%

Los Angeles, 1977 A failed detective and a brutal muzzle team up to investigate disappearance the daughter of an official from the Department of Justice – this is the plot of another buddy movie from the creator of “Lethal Weapon” and “The Last Boy Scout” Shane Black.

The master of the genre knows his stuff: the film does a good job both as a detective thriller and as a comedy.

Make Goodfellas laugh with the punchy chemistry between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, who practice brutal slapstick and rough dialogue here. The perfect movie for those who missed the action in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Inherent Vice.

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Hollywood Movies – “Source Code” (2011)

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 92%

Second film by Duncan Jones, creator of Luna 2112 and son of David Bowie. With the help of the Source Code reality simulation program, Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) inhabits the body of a passenger on a train in which a bomb explodes.

Over and over again reliving death, an army captain must find an explosive device and figure out a terrorist who threatens to kill millions of people in Chicago.

The fantastic idea, in which the hero must endlessly live the same period of time, works well in different genres. In comedies it’s Groundhog Day, in horror it’s Happy Death Day, in action thrillers it’s Source Code.

In some ways, this is reminiscent of the adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express”, as Christopher Nolan would have seen it.

Hollywood Movies – “Safety Not Guaranteed” (2012)

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 91%

ATTENTION! Looking for an accomplice for time travel. You must have a weapon with you. Upon return, a reward is guaranteed. Security is not guaranteed. No jokes . ” Such an advertisement in a provincial newspaper is sent to investigate a failed journalist and two interns.

A highly original indie comedy about broken dreams, failed romances and time travel launched the careers of director Colin Trevorrow and screenwriter Derek Connolly. After this Sundance hit with a budget of less than $1 million, the tandem set off to build Jurassic World.

Hollywood Movies – “Reincarnation” (2019)

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 89%

Best Hollywood Movies Free to Watch on YouTube

Ari Astaire’s debut horror film Reincarnation made a splash at the Sundance and South by Southwest festivals, where it earned the title of “the scariest film of the 21st century.”

In this hopeless story about the destruction of the family, the heroes are burned alive, decapitated in indescribable ways and thrown out of the window. But mental pain, as you know, is stronger than physical pain, so “Reincarnation” in the first place is the strongest psychological drama about the impossibility of freedom of choice.

Real horrors appear only in the third act, when the level of anxiety in the audience goes off scale. However, Astaire is a real trickster and is no stranger to dark humor, so the movie will also pull out a few nervous chuckles from you.

Which movie is best in Hollywood?

best hollywood movies

According to IMDB rating, right now the best hollywood movies in 2022 is The Shawshank Redemption (1994). which IMDB rating is 9.3/10.

How can I download Hollywood in Hindi?

To download hollywood in hindi you can go with Downloadhub, Filmywap, 9xmovies, Movie4u or Bolly2Tolly websites.

Which site is best for Hollywood download?

The best for hollywood download movies site is Downloadhub, Filmywap and Movie4u.

How can I download free movies online?

There is no paid movies and no registration is needed if you want to download free movies online then you can definitely check these sites – Downloadhub, Filmywap, 9xmovies, Movie4u or Bolly2Tolly.

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