Watch “Sex Education Season 3” on Netflix: Release date,Episodes & Trailer

British films continue to delight fans with new episodes, but still have to wait. The creators have confirmed that the release date of the series “Sex Education” 3 seasons is scheduled for 2021. 

Naturally, it is not yet clear what will form the basis of events, but we will still discuss all the facts we know.

Unlike other studios, Netflix airs all of the series on time, so it's not hard to set a release date for Season 3 Sex Education, which is already scheduled for September 17, 2021 .

Otis is a nerd and sexologist

Otis Milburn is a typical botanist. His classmates do not communicate with the guy, and he only heard the word “friends” from films. But the guy has one advantage – he knows a lot about sex, because his mother is a practicing sexologist. 

Together with a new girlfriend, Otis organizes a circle at school where he is engaged in educating teenagers. He is in charge of the theoretical part, and his colleague is in charge of the practical one. In general, it is difficult to call this work a charity, because the consultation of schoolchildren is carried out for money .

Loyal fans of the series “Sex Education” are already waiting for season 3, which will be released next year. This means that Otis will continue his business and, possibly, turn from a nerd into a respected and influential guy, but we will find out about this only after the premiere.

Sex Education

« The Sex Education » – is not just a drama about the American students. The episodes raise socially significant topics about intimacy, shyness and sexuality. It was the provocative themes that caused a wave of criticism to flood the creators and actors after the premiere of Chapter 1.

Such a frank story raised questions – is it worth showing this in the public domain. After controversy and wrangling, it was decided – “Sex Education” is an opportunity to talk about what is usually silent.

A little more about parenting

Traditionally, all episodes of the 3rd season of Sex Education will be released on the same day on the Netflix platform. This is perhaps the most important thing a fan needs to know. And also:

  • On the site. Where the episodes are filmed, an intimacy consultant works. He makes sure that young actors are comfortable in explicit scenes;
  • Connor Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood have a close relationship in real life;
  • Statistics show that in 2019 more than 40 million people watched the tape. Many of them did not wait for the release date, but saw after;
sex education season 3
  • The entire filming process took place in Wales and England, with the old university chosen as the school;
  • The tape has a similar plot with a number of other American films, which are based on adventurous, but not popular characters. At the same time, “Sex Education” is the first frank project about the sexual life of adolescents .

Now you know that Sex Education continues and the release date for season 3 is already known. It remains only to pass the time and wait for the return of the school sexologist Otis with his enterprising girlfriend. There will be even more interesting things in the new chapter!

Season 3 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere date
3 × 01-0817 September 2021 the year


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