If you love someone but are afraid to propose, then after reading this your confidence level is going high.

Before proposing you have to know about the likes and dislikes of girls. Especially the one you love.

1. First, you have to know her likes and dislikes so that he can relate to you.

2. You have to change your dress code a little which is good according to her.

3. You have to note the routine of your love one. When does she come online, when does she go out for a walk.

4. But keep in mind that you do not have to disturb her at all by messaging or following her all day.

5. Any girl should be respected, which deepens friendship.

6. You should remember and celebrate your love ones birthday or any special day.

7. You should visit with your love to any beautiful place because that is what is always remembered.

8. You should send gifts to your love and invite in hotel or restaurant.

9. Remember you should not be in a hurry to propose. You should live like a best friend for at least 6-8 months.

10. Then you know the routine of your favorite. Go and propose with a great surprise at the best and right place.

11. If she rejects you at the same time, then do not be sad at all, who knows tomorrow will be your day.

12. Even if she rejects for some reason, after a few days/months she will definitely think about you back.

13. But always respect all the girls, whether they accept you or not.

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