Who is the strongest creature? This movie has just touched the hearts of crores of people today.

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Godzilla Vs Kong: Full Movie Review

The story takes place three years after the last notable appearance of Godzilla. 

This time around, the creature arouses attention by behaving in unusual ways, attacking a science base in Florida for no apparent reason.  

Kong, who was last seen after the Vietnam War in the 1970s, has reached his adult height.  

It has never been so imposing, measuring 300 ft (almost 100 m) high.  

The young girl jia would therefore have met King Kong on Skull Island.  

However the most likely reason for their connection is also that they are both orphans .  

Kong and Godzilla consider each other their enemies. The team and Kong are alerted as Godzilla arrives.

 1.His ability to adapt his body to different situations. 2.Tail becomes a lethal weapon. 3.can use deadly leaser beam.

Godzilla Advantages 

Kong Advantages  

1.Intelligent being 2.Advantage of his surroundings while fighting 3.Can tools such as boulders and trees as weapons. 4.300 ft height

What do you think ? Who among them is actually more powerful? You can tell us through comment.  

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