Google doodles dedicated to celebrate Labour Day in 1 may 2022, labour day also known as Worker’s Day.

Today google doodle by Google captures the spirit of the worker. It  features a collection of a some instruments and tools used by workers in  various professions.

As a national holiday in many countries, the Labor Day in Chennai was first observed in India in 1923 as part of a move by the Labour Kisan Party of India.

While other countries are celebrating this day on May 1, others are  celebrating it on a different date. It is  celebrated on the first Monday of September in Canada and the United  States.

Labour Day, usually a public holiday, coincides with International “Labour Day” or “Day of workers” for most countries and is marked on May 1st.

Today google celebrates labour day with doodle– today google doole features images of some instruments and tools used by workers in various professions to celebrate labour day on 1 may 2022.