What are hip dips? The hip dips is simply the hollow that forms in the hips. This hollow is caused by the shape of the pelvis and can give the body a violin shape.

What will determine the presence of your hip dips will be the distance between your pelvis and your femur.

So, the more distance there is between your pelvis and your femur, the more pronounced the hip dips will be. And vice versa. It's totally genetic!

Is it possible to get rid of hip dips? Hip dips are quite complicated to eradicate since they are directly associated with the structure of the bones.

But, there are still many exercises to do regularly that will help you eliminate hip dips or lessen them.

How to get rid of hip dips? If you've taken a look on social networks like Instagram, YouTube. you've probably seen a multitude of videos to fight against hip dips. click below to read more.