Monkeypox virus cases are on the rise nationwide, and experts say it's important to identify, isolate, and talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Navin Khosla, a Medical Writer at NiceRx told The Sun in an special interview this week that the most common symptoms include high temperature, muscle aches, swollen glands, fatigue and shivering.

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NiceRx Medical Writer Navin Khosla told If you believe you might have monkeypox, then it’s vital you isolate and ring your doctor and explain your symptoms.

They will talk to you through the next step and what you need to do to prevent the virus from infecting other people.

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NiceRx Medical Writer Navin Khosla told, Many people are overly aware of the symptoms they experience in the body or the symptoms associated with coronavirus.

According to a respected medical writer Navin Khosla, monkeypox has not yet been linked to any deaths.

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Although monkeypox cases are on the rise in the United States, it is a rare disease, and most people who are infected with the virus usually suffer from only minor symptoms that last for about two to four weeks.

Monkeypox can also be transmitted to animals by infected animals. It can also affect monkeys, anteaters, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, squirrels and shrews.