We media (also known as We Media or Self-media) can make money by publishing content, usually writing, or sharing photos, or creating videos to attract audiences.

you can make more money from it.To start operating WeMedia, you must understand WeMedia’s business model operation and how to make personal development.

4 types of self-media platforms that can be operated  1. Use Social Media 2.Be a Freelancer 3. Start a Blog 4.Become a YouTuber

Some people may find, but it is incredible, you may be able to make money from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

If you have unique skills, finding Freelance is easy. people can be paid, and the price is between $10 and $200 .

Blogging is a profession. who have full-time blogs, earning centipede thousand dollars a month, and influential blogs can also earn more.

4.Become a YouTuber - YouTube has become an important source of income for many personal media.To become a Youtuber, you must create a YouTube channel

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