What is passive income? If you are short of cash, the typical solution is to increase working hours to increase wages, right? 

Or ask for a raise so that you can turn working hours into more money.There are actually many other methods. They are not a way to convert your time directly into money. 

On the contrary, they can be compared to the way of plant seeds, so even if you are sleeping or running in the park, your money will grow.

In other words, even if you are not actively trying to make money, money will grow. This is the concept of passive income.

17 Best Passive income Ideas  1.Dropshipping 2. Write and sell e-book 3. Create blog  4. Online sale  5. Invest smartly 6. Sell online courses 7. Create a comparison site 8. Build a guide website 

9. Build an online store  10. Create iPhone or IPad  applications 11. Vending machines, game machines etc. 12. Purchase a rental property 13. Set up YouTube 14. Resell digital products 

15. Create content inventory for others 16. Make software or  online applications 17. Make an online store