What is Keratin Treatment?

The condition of the hair depends on several variables: heredity, hormones, diet, health problems, weather conditions, stress etc.

So lifestyle and lifestyle, among other things, can be the main culprits for quite serious hair damage.

Types of keratin treatment 1. Brazilian Keratin 2. Japzilian Keratin 3. Soft Keratin 4. Keratin Expre

keratin hair treatment Benefit 1.Benefits of keratin care include. 2.Thickens the structure; 3.Protects hair from moisture loss.

If adequate measures are not taken to protect the scalp and hair fiber, there is a big risk of aggravating the damage. 

The hair will soon lose its vitality, become fragile and brittle. So, what to do when the hair is extremely weak? 

The miracle treatment to be tested is within your reach and it is none other than the keratin treatment

Thanks for the real benefits and unforgettable effects of keratin treatment, and for all these unique compositions. 

keratin hair treatment at home: There are a number of kits on the market that allow you to do at least one touch-up at home.

We can do this kind of treatment at home in a few months to keep the effects of keratin on our hair and strengthen it  .

Also more and more beauty products (shampoos, masks, etc.) are made with keratin.  

According to various sources, this protein makes up from 80 to 90 percent of the hair, which means it greatly affects their condition.  

keratin treatment can improve your hair style.

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