Health and Wellness Tips-How to improve Gut Health ?

Focus on food and drink to keep yourself healthy. Always Eat A Balanced Diet. It is better not to eat too much fatty, fast food, junk food. Do some yoga or pranayama every day.

What To Eat For Gut Health ?

Come in contact with the full rays every morning for a while. This gives the body vitamin D. There is a risk of developing certain diseases as you get older. So get your Health checked at regular intervals.


  •  Kim-chi


  •  Almonds


  •  Banana


  •  Garlic 


  •  Peas


  •  Yogurt


These 6 Food are for Gut Health.


Always keep yourself away from Depression, Tension. Don’t get me wrong.This can increase the risk of Developing High Blood Pressure. Add juices made from fresh fruits to your diet.


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 Staying Healthy During Flu Season


Drinking this juice in the morning is quite Beneficial for Health.If you have vision problems and you are wearing glasses, get an eye test at regular intervals.


In this flu Season specially take care of everything.please wear mask where ever you go.keep distance maintain,do regular morning exercise and drink warm water for immunity boost.


Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips 

Here 5 Tips for before you go for shopping. 
(1) Don’t Shop When You Are Hungry
(2) Avoid The Aisles ( foodie Lines ) 
(3) Make A List
(4) Buy In Bulk
(5) Check The Ingredient 

MPH Degree 


The full-form of MPH is “Master Of Public Health” (MPH).


public health has been defined as ” the science and art of preventing disease” prolonging life and improving quality of life.


What is The Work Of MPH ?


The diseases that are preventable and those that have been done should not be repeated.  How can the health of an individual or the entire community be improved.  All these things come under public health.


Digital Health

 All citizens of the country will get a digital medium for health related services.Digital health id of the people will be created.


National Digital Health Mission(NDHM)


What are the Top 4 service of Digital Health ?


(1) Health ID


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(2) Personal Health Card


(3) DG (Doctor) Card


(4) Health Facility Register


Hot Water Benefits


Health Wellness Tips | workplace,Digital,MPH

Warm water is full of health benefits.  Drink warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.  It’s extremely effective in counteracting the ill effects of diabetes


An asthma patient needs to drink warm water every morning. Warm water is largely relieved by coughing problems.  


Are you having constipation?  If so, drinking warm water regularly can help prevent many of these problems.  It also helps digest food.It has other beneficial properties.  Cholesterol problems are a common problem nowadays.  Cholesterol levels are balanced by drinking warm water regularly. 


Drinking warm water boosts the body’s immune system.  Drinking warm water relieves obesity in some ways.


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Health Wellness Tips | workplace,Digital,MPH

Is vitamin C Bad For Asthma?

Usually asthma patients.  It is important to be careful about your food and drink.It is important to consult a doctor.  
Experts at the University of London have suggested that if an asthma patient is exercising for a while every day.he or she should include vitamin C in his or her diet.  “It simply came to our notice then.
Asthma patients in the area were given regular vitamin C supplements.  In a few days, university experts have been
exploring the impact on them.
Eating such foods has not only relieved some of the problems of asthma, but also has been beneficial for their health, the research report said.

Something About Antibiotics

Something about antibiotics
In some cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics and take antibiotics.
However, there are some people who prefer to take antibiotics for minor illnesses.But don’t forget to consult your doctor beforehand.  Some people stop taking medication and antibiotics for a few days and after recovering from the disease.
However, eat as long as your doctor advises you to eat them.Importantly, Do not allow young Children to take antibiotics without a doctor’s advice.Some people take antibiotics according to their body.
If you have any problems while eating it, consult a doctor immediately.  Understand when to take your medication. If you have any doubts about this, please consult a doctor.  If you have an Allergic problem, tell your doctor about it.

Injections Will Eliminate Hereditary Diseases

Injections will eliminate hereditary diseases


In general, some of the diseases they face, including the color and quality of their parents, are transmitted through the genes to the baby’s body.With age, the disease spreads over time.  Experts at the University of California, Berkeley have found a way to prevent the effects of such hereditary diseases( Health and wellness tips ).

For three long years, they devoted themselves to such research.Eventually they succeeded in this and developed a new injection. 

According to a report released by the university, the new injection largely prevents hereditary diseases from entering the baby’s body.The injections were given to mice experimentally, and the study’s lead author, Ealin Oxon, said the study was successful.


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