What Does (DAB ME UP) Meme and Emoji Mean?


Dab me up means to put yellow shatter,wax or oil dab into smoking/vaping mechanism in order to get high or medicated. Sometimes it confused with dap or dap me up, which is unexpressed greeting by 1st pounding but is different then the game of bloody knuckles.

dab me up

DAB Me Up mean in slang

Dab-me-up meaning: Shake the sweet hand with a slide snap, grab it.

When someone dabs at you – means?

Such one of niggerz kind To give one a hand shake.

Handshake or high five when you greet someone.

The act of using a dab pen.

To stab somebody multiple times in quick succession.

Shake the sweet hand with a slide snap, grab it.

Dab up – what does it mean?

When you chew/suck on that person’s dick, you’re talking too.

What Is Dab Me Up Emoji Meme?

Meme and emoji conversations on smartphones make the conversation more fun and engaging. Whenever people feel annoyed, bored or find something unique, they make it into a meme and post it on a social networking site.

Similarly, Dab Me Up is a picture of a yellow smiling emoji The exciting part is that it has a golden tooth It seems to be trying to dab someone in one hand.

Dab Me Up Emoji Meme

Dab Me up looks like an emoji that we all have on our Facebook/messengers However, it is different from any all of the pictures/emoji.

It’s a photo of a yellow smiling emoji, with golden teeth and upper arms as if it’s going to be dab someone up.

We can find the Dab Me up on Google You can get many memes based on this.There are so many memes available on google,simply type on google “DAB ME UP” to see that memes or emoji.

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